How to Import PST to Office 365 Account with Emails, Contacts, Calendar

Published By Venn Torrence, 13 Dec 2017

How to Import PST to Office 365 Account with Emails, Contacts, Calendar

With the growing popularity of digital market among end users and the mode of communication is online. However, there are thousands of email clients to share messages, contacts, calendars, etc. Every email client has its own file extension to save their crucial data. PST is one such format, which belongs to Microsoft Outlook. Even though, the main challenge comes when a user wants to import PST to Office 365 account. As the need arises because of personal as well as professional reasons. Most of the users want to save PST contacts into Office 365 account so that they can easily access data at any time. Besides this, MS Office 365 is a cloud-based application, which keeps data safe and secure. Before proceeding the conversion process, first users need to understand the query:
Since a long time I was working on MS Outlook. However, now I have decided to import my PST contacts into Office 365 suite. I have searched multiple techniques, but I was unable to find any suitable procedure for the same. Therefore, I want to know that is there any way to migrate PST files to Office 365.

Steps to Import Outlook PST File to Office 365

Go through the following steps to import PST file to Exchange Online (Office 365) using Network Upload method. Let's have a look:

Step 1: Copy SAS URL & Install AzCopy

SAS URL that saves Azure storage location in the Microsoft cloud, which contain SAS key i.e. Shared Access Signature also. With this key, users must have all required permissions to copy or upload PST files to the storage location of Azure virtual machine.
Tip: Make sure you must use version 5.0 of Azure Azcopy for successful conversion of PST file.

     1: Initially, navigate to address

     2: Then, sign in to your Office 365 account by entering all credentials

     3: Click on Data Governance in the left-hand pane and then, select the Import button

     4: From the Import wizard, choose Go to the Import service option

     5: After that, navigate to New Job and Upload email messages (PST files) to transfer data

     6: After clicking on the Upload files button, the below page will appear:

     7: Now, click on Show network upload SAS URL option and then, copy & save that URL

     8: To download and install AzCopy on Windows, select an option Download tool

     9: Next, the screen will pop-up, and click on the Run option

    10: Finally, exit the current page by clicking on Cancel button

Step 2: Import PST File into Exchange

   1: To start data migration, open the Command Prompt on your local system
After this, navigate to the desired location where AzCopy.exe can be installed
If you have already installed an application on the desktop, which is: %ProgramFiles(x86)%Microsoft SDKsAzureAzCopy
Next, you have to run the following command to move PST files to Exchange Online: 
AzCopy.exe /Source: (PST files location) /Dest: (SAS URL) /V: (Log_file _location)

Step 3: View a list of all PST files Uploaded to Office 365 account

To start this optional step, you need to check and verify the successful migration of PST files to Azure

Step 4: Create a sample of PST Import Mapping File

You have now created a CSV (Comma Separated Value) file for user mailboxes where an Outlook PST file to be imported.
   1: Download a copy of PST Import mapping file completely
Then, save a CSV file to your computer system

Step 5: Create PST Import job in MS Office 365

   1: Firstly, go to this address:
Sign in to the Exchange Online mailbox with required credentials
Then, navigate to Data Governance and click the Import option

In the next step, choose Go to the Import service option

From the current page, select the New job or on + sign, and afterward, click on Upload email messages (PST files) option
  6: Enable the checkbox I am done uploading my files and on the check boxes I have access to the mapping file and then, press Next

After this, click on PST import job and select Next button to proceed

In order to ensure the PST Mapping is added, hit on Add button

Now, select CSV file name option from a given list and then, click on Validate option to check errors related to CSV file

After mapping the PST files, read the complete terms & conditions and then, mark the respective checkbox

Next, You can choose Finish button to submit more success job

From the list of PST Import, enable this Import data to Exchange Online page

In the end, select the job and click on Refresh to update the current status

If you want to skip the above lengthy process so you need use DataHelp PST to Office 365 Migration tool
. This software is designed to import PST to Office 365. It is also capable enough to move multiple PST files to Office 365 User account. Moreover, it has a simple graphical interface and used for quick results. 


Migration from one platform to another is very common nowadays. While importing data i.e. emails, contacts, calendars from PST to Office 365 users have faced various challenges. Although we have discussed a manual procedure but it is quite complex and time-consuming as well. To overcome such constraints, a foolproof solution is software which has been suggested in above. It is a powerful tool, which can easily import Outlook PST files to Office 365 account.