How To Get Authentic Mala Beads To Count Mantras?

Published By Mahi Yoga, 28 Dec 2017

How To Get Authentic Mala Beads To Count Mantras?

A string of beads that is used in meditation practice is known as Mala Beads. Malas are made of different types of materials like rudraksha seeds, gemstones and sandalwood. In Bali each piece is hand-knotted and blessed. A traditional mala has 108 seeds. Authentic offerings are represented by the charm. The sacred Rudraksha seed symbolizes the logo. The guru bead is the 109th bead that represents the relationship of student-guru.

The malas are knotted by hand between each bead which provides the right space for japa meditation. The tassels that are below the guru bead, join cotton strands together into one which signifies our connection to the divine and to one another.

How To Find The Perfect Mala?

To find the perfect mala you have to find the intentions and meanings of different stones. To get the perfect mala necklace to improve your style and meditation practice, you have to go through a plethora of stones, intentions and mantras. Mala beads boost you to a calm mind, soul and body which will draw people to you.

Mala necklaces are made up of 109 beads consisting of stones, crystals, rudraksha beads and sandalwood that is known to carry definite energie which is used during the japa meditation when a mantra is repeated 108 times. Using the mala as a necklace or bracelet during the day helps in manifesting the power of the stone. Just like the rosary the mala helps the practitioner to keep track of the place as they move through the meditation.

The Specialty Of Mala Design

The mala necklace is made up of 108 beads as this number is considered sacred in yoga practice. It is said that there are 108 energy lines that converge to form the heart chakra. The diameter of the sun is 108 times the diameter of the earth.108 beads also represent108 goddess names.

Mala beads are mostly used during seated meditation but they can also improve the asana practice when you place it on the mat in front of you to remind you of the intention that is evident as you proceed through vinyasa.

Mala beads should be worn regularly as an armor of confidence. To make a connection to the meditation tool a new mala should be worn for 40 days. In a mala there are plenty of designs, colors and stones. Using your intuition choose the right mala for you.

Ways To Choose The Right Mala

Trying to choose the right mala is quite an easy proposition. Choose the mala you are drawn to as that is the right mala for you. In case of a mala you must let your heart lead you and not resist your intuition. All mala beads have their own intentions so when you are trying to choose your mala beads it is best to ask yourself your intention.


To start a practice you need to use malas of 108 beads whether you are manifesting or meditating. If you want a mala as a reminder of your daily intentions than mala beads is the right one. So choose the right mala of stones from that attract you and use it regularly to boost your confidence.

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