How to Convert EML Files to PST to Access EML Data into Outlook?

Published By Venn Torrence, 3 Nov 2017

How to Convert EML Files to PST to Access EML Data into Outlook?

Get the complete solution to convert EML files to PST format. Before Proceeding to the solution for how to export EML to Outlook compatible PST format we will get some information about EML & PST formats.

Technical Trivia: EML and PST Files
EML files are the proprietary files it stores emails & other attachments. EML file is usually an archived mail that retains the HTML formatting and headers of the file. Nowadays, many mailing clients support EML files but if there is no mailing client pre-installed, there are many ways through which the files can be opened i.e., making use of a third party software or other manual solution. PST file is the main Outlook data file that saves all the messages and other data items of MS Outlook in your desktop. This MS Outlook file is widely used by all the home user and Bussiness users. Now, in this section, we will discuss the solution to convert EML to PST format to access data of EML into Outlook email client.

But, before we move a step further, let’s take a look at an issue faced by the user.

Earlier, I had been working for an MNC that worked on Windows Live Mail email client. Few days backs, they promoted me and transferred me to their sister concern company. The problem emerged in shifting the data in batch. I don’t want to go for a manual solution to export EML files to PST, though being free but also causes the problem of corruption. So, is there any way out to proceed. Thanks in advance”.

Needs to Convert EML Files to PST 
Outlook has an amazing GUI that delivers users advance mailing option to the organization. It makes MS Outlook easy to access

1: If the users are upgrading their Windows Operating System from Vista to Windows 7 or any other, EML files created via Windows Live Mail is not supported
2: If EML files are corrupted, it is difficult to extract the data out of it
3: Outlook does not support EML file format to store the emails. In case of accessing these files, users need to export EML data into PST Outlook compatible format.

How to Export EML to Outlook PST Format?
There are multiple solutions available such as manual solution and second is the automated program, in this section, we will discuss an automated converter program which is reliable to convert EML to PST format. The automated solution is known as EML to PST converter tool. This software is helpful for the user’s who searching for how to convert EML files to PST format. It exports entire data of EML to PST including attachment.

How to Work with The Tool to Export EML Files to PST

Step 1: First of all, download the software at here - and launch the software on your desktop and then select EML files which you want to convert into PST.
Steps 2: Afterwards select for a destination path where you need to store the files. It even gives three inbuilt features - Import Files and retain the folder structure, Import all messages to a single folder, PST Split
Step 3: Users can select any option as per their convenience and then click convert and finally OK button
Step 4: Once the conversion of EML files to PST is complete it provides report generation option. The users can download the report and save it for future purposes

The Last Words!
Though, EML files can be accessed on many platforms like Windows Live Mail, Thunderbird, Outlook Express, and so-on. But, Outlook email client is the primary concern of all users because Outlook provides numerous functionalities & reliabilities over the other email application. If you want to convert EML files to PST to access all .eml data into Outlook email application and save most of your time & efforts, make use of the automated solution. It is the best way out to export EML files to PST without facing issues.