How to Choose the Best Portable RV Waste Tanks

Published By Bill Rowell, 2 Nov 2017

Let’s face it: handling waste disposal is an unpleasant, but essential fact of RV use. No one likes having to deal with the disposal of waste management systems that, in our homes, are more or less totally automated. However, the experience can be made much better with high-quality tools and components including Portable RV Waste Tanks. Portable tanks increase your RV’s functional waste capacity while away from dumping stations. This is essential for camping trips, road trips through rural areas, or extended stays at urban locations with hard-to-reach dumping stations. A bad tank can mean a nightmare of a mess that no one should have to deal with, no matter where you are traveling.
Choosing a good tank starts with identifying your capacity needs. This can take a little bit of personal experience, but you can estimate based on how many people you’ll be travelling with and how frequently you plan on using your RV’s internal bathroom as opposed to travel stops or other external toilets. If you’ve got a big RV, a lot of passengers, or are not planning on making many stops, you should consider a larger tank.

The largest tanks approach almost 50 gallons in capacity! Smaller tanks tend to run between 10 and 15 gallons. Choose the one that most accurately fits your needs, because buying a larger tank is not always better. A tank with lots of unused space can, at times, be more complicated to empty than a full tank. Additionally, a tank that is too large is both more expensive than necessary and heavier to move. It’s better to err on the side of a smaller tank than purchase one that is just too big to be helpful.
The next consideration to keep in mind while shopping for portable RV waste tanks is its sanitary features. Read the product specifications closely before buying, and try to get a copy of the manual before you buy if that is possible. A good tank should be easy to clean, well-sealed, and built out of a durable plastic. Many tanks offer improved drain connectors and rinse water intakes which can make the whole process all the more cleanly and safe. Don’t buy thin-plastic, discount waste tanks. It’s not worth taking risks with the downsides of a mishap being so great.
Finally, as would be indicated by the name, the primary benefit of a portable tank is its portability! While some tanks are hand-carry only, many others have built-in easy-roll wheels and tow handles. Take the time to look through your options in this way, especially for larger tanks. If you end up with a model that is hard to transport, you’ll be missing out on the ease of use that better tanks can offer. Look for models with easily replaceable, easy-rolling wheels and high-quality tow handles. Some models even have four-wheel variants, meaning that you can save yourself a lot of needless effort (not to mention back strain.)
Keeping these features in mind while shopping for a waste tank can make a normally frustrating and unlikeable task into a much more manageable chore. Having a tank that properly suits your needs is not only convenient and stress-reducing, but safer as well. As with any tool, using one that you are not comfortable with increases the likelihood of an accident. In this case, a spill can be a big waste of time, a health risk, and just plain terrible to have to clean.
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