How to change the recovery phone number on Gmail account?

Published By Manish Roy, 2 Jan 2018

How to change the recovery phone number on Gmail account?

Among various email services, it is only Gmail that boasts of latest features for it users. If you have your account with it, you are lucky enough to enjoy wonderful services with it. If you are an amateur, then it is very important for you to familiarize yourself with its best features and services that it has for you. Logging in to Gmail is very safe and secure and does not involve any hassles. If you are smart and careful with it, you will never end up creating problems for yourself. The password, which is used while logging Gmail account, is the kingpin that you need to keep afresh in your mind. Due to hectic and frantic lifestyle, most of the users tend to forget. If you are one of them, then it is important for you to know how to recovery it.

If recovering the forgotten password is not as hard as cracking a nut, then it is no picnic also. There are step-by-step rules that you need to follow:

·       First of all, you need to click over ‘My Account’ option

·       You need to choose the option ‘Your personal information’ under the section ‘Personal information and privacy’

·       The third step plays an indispensable role as you need to choose the option for ‘Phone’

·       Choose the option for ‘Add recovery phone’ under the section ‘Recovery phone’

·       Under the option ‘Edit’ change your recovery phone number

·       Choose the option for ‘Update number’ from the box that appear before you

·       Finally, enter your new phone number and follow the instructions shown on the screen

All these steps are of equal importance. If you miss any one of them, you are sure to mar the whole process of your phone recovery number. If you think that the tips mentioned above are sufficient to show the right path, then you do not feel hesitant to seek help and support from Gmail tech support. It is a very large organization that comprises highly trained, sensible and intelligent experts. They will delve into your problem and suggest to you the ways to over your technical glitches. Once you are connected to them through Gmail Toll Free Number, they will serve you with a friendly relation. While talking to them, do not falter. Be clear in thoughts and ideas. If are able to explain yourself properly, you are sure to get the most appropriate solution from them. 

In a nutshell, changing Gmail password recovery phone number is no hassles at all. If you chew on the tips with rapt attention, you are sure to emerge successful. Whenever and wherever you stumble, you can seek Gmail tech support that will provide you all the required help and support. Do not feel embarrassed while changing your phone number. There is no leakage of your personal information that you submit to the Gmail service. Gmail technical support takes great care of your privacy. And, you stay protected and tension free.