Published By Linda Lane, 11 Dec 2017


A printer is primarily used by all online users in all over the world. This printer device is gaining a lot of fame due to advance and user friendly features among common users. Online common users want to add their printing machines; however they do not have the installation disc just by downloading the software from internet. How to add a printer without disc, so you should follow some important steps given below:-

Window Function-

When you try to plug the printer into the system, suddenly the computer identifies it as the printing machine; there may be task without the software. If you have click on Plug button, windows can install it and permits it for printing any type of document just by plugging it in. If this is not working or you are using a network printer suitably, you have to type “Add a printer” and choose setting button. Then you click on “Advance Printer Set up” and you must add a printer and run the Installation Wizard and follow immediate steps for complete and successful installation. This process is the admirable option to download all required software to install the printer via windows updates. If you are facing hardly with printer installation errors, you must contact Dell Printer Technical Support team for immediate help.

How to identify printer model-

If you are able to identify the printer model, this is the excellent option to speed up the software finding process. You can check out the name of printing machine on the front. If your printer name is invisible, you should check out your computer that formerly used it for an active and complete installation. If you have any query, you should hire Dell Printer Support Services Number 1-800-870-7412 from printer professionals.

Locate the software-

You have to type the model name of printing machine into the search bar or you can go to check the list of all printers so that it will be very simple to find out the name of your printing machine. After recognized model name, brand’s website will display all software and you can download the software program that is appropriate for operating system to a local drive.

Install the software-

After downloading procedure, you can install the printer software simply. You should go for location of set up program on hard drive via browser. After this procedure, you should click it to run it successfully. After launching, you need to follow some important steps shown on the screen to install the printer on the system. This installation process needs that you must connect the printer to the system before running the set up program. If you do not have knowledge about installation procedure, you should call Dell Printer Technical Support team for quick help.