How Technology Has Changed Education?

Published By Morgan Burton, 12 Dec 2018

Education is no exception among all the things that have been impacted by the presence of technology. But considering the classrooms of and the educational systems, education hasn’t changed entirely. This can be understood with the help of the example that still professor’s lectures from a podium in a room while the students sit in rows and listen with books and notebooks in front of them. So long story short, classrooms today doesn’t look much different.

Some people say that technology has by no means changed the way of education but it is not true, there is a profound change that the arrival of technology has brought to education. Take an example of the old times when books were the only source of information and knowledge and they were also available in a very limited number. Students for general learning and for research especially has to travel a lot to get to the libraries. Technology has actually expanded the right to use to educate and also many organizations are providing assistance regarding the Best Dissertation Help worldwide. Today the massive amount of knowledge is available internationally just in one click.

Not just this, communication has also been expanded and made easy by technology. Now classrooms aren’t isolated or limited either. Students can communicate for different projects, share their knowledge hence in short classrooms walls are no longer a barrier. Technology has also improved the way students learn. Teachers in classrooms are guiding more rather than teaching. With access to, much information students are responsible for their own learning.

Very few educators that are present in this century will not agree with this notion that technology has actually helped and is a great impact on the process of education. Let’s take the few points on this.

Technology is expanding the learning audience

Well now first, the learning audience isn’t limited as we have discussed this above that classrooms aren’t the barriers. Students sitting in different states and cities can take the classes for different subjects if it’s not available in their high school or college.

Interesting and interactive textbooks

Leave the online books, let’s talk about the textbooks. Books now have the web-based sites, animations, and so many other engaging materials to support learning. Technology is completely changing the way textbooks used to look. It is not just the same only boring context book style anymore. 

EBooks rise

Well considering the present, the upcoming future will at least have no student with big bulky books. Now with the availability of the internet, tablets, and e-readers, students preferred to read more and more online.

Smartboards: the new chalkboards

Well now in almost all schools has smart boards, with smart touch and internet access. Now students can see the multi-colour pictures right on their board and learn better.

Easy web-based research

Well, that time is over now when used to go through hundreds of books in libraries to get the information they need for their research. Now getting the right amount of information is easy. It takes a less amount of time to get all type of information you are looking for.

                Well, this is all under the heading for how technology has changed education. To sum up, technology has actually made education easier and more interesting. People need to open their minds more for technologies and it will definitely help the people understand the work better. In all these years technology has brought great changes and in the upcoming time, we are hoping even better results.