How do I sync my contacts to my Google account

Published By Julia Roberts, 13 Oct 2017

How do I sync my contacts to my Google account
Google account is basically the famous account that you need to have in your device in order to set up your phone. Without this account you can not use your phone properly and you can not even download any of the apps without this account. Because you cam download the apps only after you login to the google account. If you want to know more about the google account or any of the features of this account then you have to get in touch with the professionals.

Google account is also created in order to get the gmail service in your computing device. So first of all register on the official site of the google after that only you can use the various features of the google account. If the users wants to sync my contacts to my Google account  then they have to follow the steps that are written below with care:-

for that you have to simply open your device and after that you need to simply proceed to the settings option.

Once you tap on this option, then you have to go to the contacts account.

Followed by tapping on the google account.

After that you have to simply switch the contacts on followed by tapping on the advanced tab.

After that you have to switch the USE SSL on, followed by tapping on the accounts option.

Then it is the time when you need to add the account again.

Once you follow these steps than you will be able to sync all the contacts from the google account.

Now the above mentioned steps are the easy steps that you need to follow in order to sync the google account, But just in case you are not able to do so then you can simply go for contacting the techies from the company by calling on the Gmail customer service phone number. The simple way to seek the help from the company is to call on the number that is provided as the toll free number to the customers. By calling on this number the customers are able to directly connect to the techies who are extremely talented and hence could provide you the precise solution to any of the issue that you may be facing using this service. So without wasting out your time anywhere else simply try to contact the right person and get the solution in no time by contacting the gmail tech support.