Holders - Advantages And Its Applications

Published By Mahesh H S, 24 Oct 2017

Holders - Advantages And Its Applications

To use the cutting tool within a CNC machine there is a basic holder necessary to lift it on the machine's spindle. For the CNC milling machines, there are two types of holders are there. They are:
1. Shank taper.

2. Hollow shank taper.

The Advantages of Holders are:

1. This can be adjusted according to the angle of the cutting.

2. The Cutting tool/tip can be screwed/welded into the holder.

3. Unlike metals which cannot be welded can be attached by brazing.

4. The holder is strong enough to prevent spinning during extreme machining.

5. It reduces vibration which may disturb cutting angle.

The Applications of Holders are:

1. In the Aerospace.

2. In Energy.

3. In Automotive.

4. In Machinery parts design.

5. It holds perfectly, where high accuracy cutting is needed.