Here’s how you shop for officially licensed DC and Marvel merchandise

Published By Voxpop Clothing, 2 Nov 2017

Here’s how you shop for officially licensed DC and Marvel merchandise

If you love your superhero t-shirt collection and just cant do without them, we totally get you. Wearing superhero t-shirts is not a one off trend. It is an ageless style that will stick around through the very end of time. You can take our word for it. Batman, Superman, Captain America, Wonder Woman, The Joker, Iron Man, Spiderman, Deadpool, Thor, Green Lantern, The Punisher, X-Men, Captain America… phew! The list is endless and that’s great news for you, because more the number of superheroes, bigger the collection of superhero t-shirts for men and women to choose from.


However, as much as you enjoy shopping for these fantastic statement makers. There’s one thing that you should always keep in mind. Never ever buy a product that isn’t authentic branded merchandise. There are a lot of Marvel DC Comic t-shirts in town, but not all of them are from genuine sellers. With substandard quality, your t-shirt will wear off in no time. You do not want your money to go to waste by investing in such counterfeit products now do you? This is why always insist on buying only officially licensed merchandise from credible stores.


The best way to ensure you’re putting your money into a genuine DC Comics or Marvel t shirts online India, is to do some research. When you open an e-commerce brand’s webpage, of to their About Us page. If they are bona fide sellers, that point will be clearly mentioned, whereas a bogus brand can try to confuse you with vague jargon. While browsing through the products, reading the meta title and product descriptions should also give you a good hint. If you have the t-shirt in hand, then take a peek at the tag. All information regarding licensing will be laid out in detail there.


Be a discerning consumer and enjoy your authentic superhero t-shirts without ever worrying about being cheated upon.