Health Companies Need SEO Too

Published By Dan Kogan, 11 Sep 2017

Health Companies Need SEO Too

If you work in the Health Industry, it may seem like everything just sells itself. That makes sense, right? Health is something that virtually every person on the planet needs, so why would any health products need advertisement of any sort? However, this kind of thinking may lose your business and put you on the bottom rung of the competition ladder. The fact of the matter is that every single aspect of the Health Industry is competitive, and with the newfound trends of online shopping, people are also researching their health products online. When push comes to shove, your online performance may be the single thing setting you apart from a competitor. That’s why Seo Services For Health Companies are an absolute necessity.

Why SEO?
Think about how people tend to find their information these days. Is it through the phonebook? Newspaper? Definitely not. People want easily accessible information, and that’s exactly what they have with the power of a search engine. When someone wants to learn about something, or simply find out which pizza place is closest, they look to a search engine for their answer. That isn’t any different for the Health Industry. When someone really wants to figure out what kind of product will help them the most, they look it up on a search engine. The results that come up on the first page are going to be the results that they trust the most, as these results have proven themselves by making it to the first page. That means that if your site is displayed on the first page of their search results, they will most likely visit it. SEO is there to get you to that first page.

What is SEO?
An SEO campaign is built in order to boost your organic search results and earn you a spot on that coveted first page. In order to run a successful SEO campaign, you want to contact an expert in SEO Services For Health Companies. What your expert needs to understand, and what SEO really is, is how to build extra content using popular key phrases that will build your relevance of search results. After starting with less relevant terms and building a foundation, your campaign will focus on the most popular terms, and you’ll watch your site slowly climb in the rankings. This is a slow process, as opposed to PPC (pay per click), which is immediate, but it yields results that last.

If PPC is immediate, why not just go that route? Well, unless you have unlimited funds, PPC ads, although located above organic search results, cease to exist the moment payment ends. That means that you’re going to spend more money on an ad that people may or may not trust (people tend to trust organic search results far more than paid). PPC can be a helpful boost, but SEO produces the results that will last and will benefit you for their entire duration. Think carefully about which can help your situation more: are you already somewhat visible on the internet or do you really need to start from scratch? Sometimes PPC can be the boost you need, but other times a strong foundation is the right way to go.

How 1Digital Can Help
1Digital Agency has a vibrant history with a diverse clientele, so you can trust that we understand the intricacies of a plethora of industries. Our writing team only produces the best quality content so when we create an SEO campaign for you, your excess blog content will invoke thought in readers and draw them to your products. We don’t just want to work for you, we want to work with you. That’s why, if you give us a call today, we can figure out what the best SEO plan will be for you.

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