Happy Sleeping with the Lightweight Comforter

Published By Sleep And Beyond, 12 Dec 2017

Happy Sleeping with the Lightweight Comforter
Using a lightweight comforter can revolutionize the way you sleep by unlocking the ability for a full night’s sleep of uninterrupted comfort. Not only will the lightweight comforter enable you to sleep better by making you more comfortable, but it will make you cooler and more satisfied every night when you go to sleep. Not to mention the average differences in price between lightweight comforters and regular or heavy comforters.
How is a lightweight comforter different from any other type of comforter?
The term lightweight, in regard to comforters, generally refers to the thread count and the type of material used within the threads. The vast majority of comforters are made from some form of cotton, although other materials like silk, polyester, and flannel are easy to find. The thread count refers to the number of horizontal and vertical strings of fabric per square inch. It is a common misconception that a high thread count equals more comfort; however, the type of fabric used is often the key factor in comfort. This, in conjunction with a lower thread count lightweight comforter, can make for a comforter that is more breathable and therefore cooler. With all the benefits of comfort found in expensive high thread count sheets, for a fraction of the price.
Who should consider purchasing a lightweight comforter?
If you have trouble sleeping at night because you find it difficult to get comfortable, then you should certainly give a lightweight comforter a shot at making you sleep happy. A major reason why people struggle to sleep at night is temperature regulation, which is basically finding the ideal body temperature that enables us to sleep easier. Having a nice and thick comforter is certainly comfortable when first getting into bed, but after a few minutes, it can get awfully toasty in there. At this point, it becomes a constant struggle between being too hot and too cold all night. A light weight comforter is not as thick or heavy and therefore will not become unbearably hot after a few short minutes. Other people who should consider a lightweight comforter are those who have exceptionally warm summers, or year-round tropical climates. There is nothing wrong with having a thick comforter for the winter and a lightweight comforter for the summer.
Caring for a lightweight comforter
It is true that a heavy thread comforter tends to be more durable than a lightweight comforter, although with the proper care, a lightweight comforter can last years and the difference in durability will be irrelevant. Washing your lightweight comforter with a gentle wash on low heat will help keep it in good condition over the course of its life.
A lightweight comforter will help you sleep better, keep you cooler, and save you money. Getting a good night’s sleep is one of those most important parts of life, so don’t spend your night trying to get comfortable, simply be comfortable with a lightweight comforter.

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