Hair transplant Consultation for a hair transplant

Published By Fue Hlc, 30 Oct 2017

Hair transplant Consultation for a hair transplant

Arm yourself with the right knowledge

As with any other surgery, before making the decision about getting a hair transplant, it is absolutely essential that you try your best to get to know about the procedure as much as you can. These days, the internet is the first go to the source of research for most people. Perhaps that is why you are reading this article in the first place. But while it is very convenient to search for something online, it is necessary to understand the limitations of the Internet as a source of information. You will find many before and after photos of hair transplantation surgeries on the internet.

You must understand that most of those photos may not necessarily represent how the outcome may turn out for your case. Also, some practitioners may use misleading photos or present unrealistic scenarios. For websites offering information about hair transplantation operations, it is hard to find information which may be specific for your case. Most of the information offered by many websites is highly generalised.

Understanding your unique case

The reasons for hair loss vary greatly. The same goes with the skin, hair density, type of hair and many more factors – they vary from person to person. Hence, it is best to seek consultation with a doctor or hair transplantation practitioner before you opt for a hair transplantation surgery. We at FUE Hairline Clinic offer comprehensive consultation to all our patients before the decision to conduct hair transplantation is considered. There are various factors to take into account before opting for the transplantation operation.

In addition to checking for the patient’s medical history and physiological factors, the requirements and expectations of the patient are also taken into consideration. Based on those factors, the options for conducting the transplantation operation are explained to the patient. We specialise in FUE hair transplant technique, which is quite effective in transplanting hair from scalp or body. The details of the procedure and also the risks and precautions are explained to the patient.

The option of choosing various donor sites depending on whether the patient has had a previous hair transplant, hair density on the sides and back of the scalp as well as the availability of hair on other body parts and the preferences of the patient are discussed elaborately. We believe that a healthy and open discussion between our practitioners and the patients before the operation are essential.

Aligning expectations with reality

As earlier mentioned, patients may build up inaccurate expectations based on some inaccurate or exceptional case photos posted by some other practitioners. During the consultation, our practitioners can honestly discuss with the patients about having realistic expectations. Out of all the hair follicles transplanted, about 10-15% fail and do not grow hair. The success rate depends on various factors ranging from the patient’s physiological factors, the skill and experience of the surgeons to post operation care and precautions.

Also, most transplanted hair follicles start going hair only after several months. All these factors are carefully explained during the consultation so that the patient is aware of what to expect. Hence, a consultation is essential to know if hair transplantation is appropriate for you.

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