Guaranteed and reliable services for your cooling appliances in South Africa

Published By Wada Refrij, 8 Dec 2017

Guaranteed and reliable services for your cooling appliances in South Africa

Are you looking for a fast and reliable heating and cooling services in South Africa? Cold room, Ice Machines and Upright coolers and Underbars contractors in Gauteng areas provide quality residential and commercial installation and services. Most of the contractors have inventory in place to meet your commercial and residential air conditioning cooling needs without delay. Wada Refrigeration contractors have different terms of service. Some may offer one year parts and labor guarantee. Others will even replace or repair any defective parts or materials that they installed for a period of up to one year at no charge to their customers.

Why Choose Wada Refrigeration?

As we are in operation, we have helped many businesses and personal consumers in keeping their goods safe by providing a refrigeration solution on time, which greatly reduces their energy consumption.

We ensure the comfort of our customers by offering the best in refrigeration establishment, repair and services, commercial toasters repair services in Wada Refrigeration, Gauteng area.

Soft Service Repairs & Service

        New installation

        Regular maintenance

        Major repairs

        Pressure Relief Ports


Our technicians have been given cross-training in many disciplines, not just one, which means that the same technician who will repair your cold chamber system, as well as have a vast experience in home refrigeration also.


Wada Refrigeration cooling services include cold rooms, upright and under counter bar fridges, ice machines, commercial toasters, upright coolers & chip fryers and other related services depending on your needs whether commercial or residential. Finding fast and reliable cooling services in Gauteng is never that hard. Some Wada Refrigeration contractors have a website and if you need a prompt service you can send your request through their websites, just find their contact information. You can reach them also through their emails or fax or you can even contact them by phone.

On the other hand, some contractors have technicians that are not paid on commission which means they are not motivated to run up a large repair invoice so they are paid more. Trusted and qualified Wada Refrigeration contractors have better trained technicians to cater your needs.

We offer reliable and affordable services and repairing on all ice-cream machines, we have dedicated teams that focus on repair and maintenance works. We offer rapid, authentic maintenance and repair service, available in Gauteng. We are a trusted company in Gauteng region for providing exceptional services in services of Ice Machine repair in South Africa. We can also help you choose the correct and efficient product for your enterprise size, we can help engineer a custom sized machine to suite your requirements. For more info, Visit