Gotta Catch ‘Em All: Pokemon to Know Before You Buy Pokemon T-Shirts Online

Published By Danny Kanfy, 10 Oct 2017

Pokemon was the anime fad that took the United States by storm in the mid-1990s.  Hardly anyone was able to avoid awareness of the popular cartoon-gone-collectible.  Even to this day Pokemon products of all types line the shelves of toy stores and collectible shops alike, so wide was the appeal of the loveable creatures and characters.  Even within the last year, Pokemon had a resurgence in popularity due to its world-wide mobile hit Pokemon Go!  Because of all this popularity, Pokemon T-shirts are a popular gift item.  If you want to get the Pokemon Master in your life something great, this guide can help you know some of the most popular Pokemon before you Buy Pokemon T-Shirts Online for a wonderful gift.
The Original 150
You might hear the term “original 150” thrown around in collectible shops or even printed on Pokemon merchandise.  The original 150 refers to the first set of Pokemon to appear in merchandise, video games, and television.  Pokemon’s catch-phrase, “gotta catch ‘em all,” is in reference to these original 150 Pokemon.  Some of the most iconic characters came from the original 150.  Pikachu, Bulbasaur, Charmander, and Squirtle were the most easily identifiable of these, since they were the “starter” Pokemon in the popular Pokemon games.  Pikachu is a cute, yellow, mouse-like creature whose powers center around electricity.  Bulbasaur is a green reptile with a large plant bulb on his back, whose powers, predictably, center around plants.  Charmander is a small dragon with an ever-burning flame on his tail who can breathe fire and use his tail as a defensive weapon.  Squirtle, being the “coolest,” of the bunch is a blue turtle who can use water and sometimes even ice powers.

These four are essential to keep an eye out for while shopping to buy Pokemon T-shirts online, since most Pokemon fans have a great appreciation for the classic characters.  The main four aren’t the only options though.  Other fan favorites include the mystical and cat-like mew and his troubled clone, Mewtwo (the villain of the Pokemon Movie.)  Eevee is another popular Pokemon, both because she is incredibly cute and fluffy in her normal form, but also because she can “evolve” into three different Pokemon entirely, depending on the preferences of her Pokemon Trainer.

Beyond the Classics

Since the early 2000s multiple “generations” of Pokemon have been released pushing the total number of original Pokemon designs near to the one thousand mark!  As a result, there are just so many options to choose from when you buy Pokemon T-shirts online.  If the one you’re getting a gift for has a favorite generation of Pokemon, you might be able to simply ask them and find out, which will make your decision a lot easier.  Additionally, knowing which generation of Pokemon is most interesting to the recipient of the gift will make it easier for customer service people to help you locate the best merchandise for you.

Some of the most famous and beloved Pokemon designs have arisen in the generations after the original.  The Pokemon Luvdisc, for example, is one of the most consistently popular Pokemon for collectible items (which makes sense given that she is an adorable, heart-shaped fish Pokemon!)  Make sure to explore the options you have available beyond the classics if you have a die-hard fan to buy for!

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