Get The Best Designer Yoga Mat

Published By Mahi Yoga, 28 Dec 2017

Get The Best Designer Yoga Mat

If you are a yoga fan and love to do yoga, there are eco-friendly yoga mats which you can use for your exercise which can be machine washed. There are also awesome props like blocks, balls and straps that can be used while doing the stretching exercise. The super absorbent no slip towels can be used during yoga practice.

Today there are yoga pants and leggings which simply grab attention and you will not like to take them off. Yoga also has bags that will help you to carry your mat and accessories when you go for yoga practice. You can achieve backbends smoothly by using the yoga wheel.

The Designer Yoga Mat

There are designer yoga mats available which are 6 feet by 2 feet which provide comfort for people of all shapes and sizes to carry on their yoga exercises. The thickness of the mat is 6mm and provides extra cushion for responsive grip and stability besides preventing sensitive body parts from hurting when holding a pose for a long time.

The mat is antimicrobial and keeps sweaty hands and feet dry during exercise which makes it safe. The yoga mat holds you firmly in place while you do the exercise. It does not have any intrusive odor or smell. It is available in vibrant eye-catching colors that help you to stand out in the crowd.

It comes in unique prints that are aesthetically designed. The Yoga mat has a compact lightweight bag of microfiber which is foldable and easy to carry.

Beautiful Yoga Mats To Make Yoga Practice Interesting

There are five different yoga mats that can add quality and personality to yoga practice. Some yoga mats have a photo of New York harbor line which is done in eco-friendly water-based inks. The mats are free of PVC, biodegradable and recyclable made from natural rubber from trees and attached to suede cloth top.

Many companies are now making Yoga mats from natural rubber without harmful dyes. To know if your yoga mat is safe you have to check the materials used. If the yoga mat is made from vinyl or polyvinyl chloride it will contain chemicals such as phthalates which are used to make polyvinyl chlorides flexible.

As awareness of the dangers of PVC are brought to light companies manufacture yoga mats without vinyl using natural rubber and jute like the Eco yoga mat of barefoot yoga.

Eco-Friendly Yoga Mats

After learning about the dangers of chemical additives more and more companies are making yoga mats using natural rubber and jute. Now with improved technology you do not have to sacrifice quality for good grip. There are 5 different yoga mats made from eco-friendly material.

One of the mats is Manduka eco Lite Mat which is made from natural tree rubber that is is harvested from non-Amazon trees. The new mat comes with strong grip for sweaty classes. The surface texture which is rippled, feels like the ridges of the hand and prevents slipping and sliding. Another of the mat is Barefoot Yoga Original Eco Yoga Mat made mixing all natural rubber with jute fiber. There are a few more eco-friendly mats.


You will find many Designer Yoga Mat in To maintain good health choose an eco-friendly mat and join for yoga exercises.


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