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Published By Personal Systems, 16 Sep 2017

There is a wide range of alarms in the market which makes it very difficult to choose the right personal alarm. The alarm service is available 24 hours a day and if you order the alarm online you can save pounds 60. The alarm system helps the elderly to enjoy their independence.

The service provider monitors the alarm 24 hours in the day and 365 days in the year. With just the touch of a button family and friends can be alerted round the clock giving the relatives of the elderly peace of mind.

Paying just pounds 69 you can order it online and connect it yourself beside there are fees of pounds 3.47 a week for the monitoring service and maintenance service. When you press the button on the pendant or wristband you are connected with response center.

The call will be answered in seconds connecting the wearer with the emergency services or contacts. It works in the home and 50m around.

Age Concern Alarm for the Elderly

There are plenty of alarms available to help the elderly enjoy their independence and live comfortably with confidence. Many of these alarms are manufactured in the UK. They have a discreet and flexible alarm button which can be used on a pendant, wrist band or a belt clip. You can get access for help any time during the day or night.

It is waterproof and can be used in the shower or bath. It has two way communications in an emergency. It is accredited to the highest standards in the UK. A few of the alarms provide you the service at home and outside with a mobile SIM. It also comes with GPS and Google maps that connect the alarm to the contacts and services.

The Working of the Personal Alarms

Personal alarms help the elderly to call for help when they have a fall or meet with an accident. It helps less abled l people to live independently in their own homes and leave their relations with peace of mind that they are in safe hands.

There are different types of alarms some work in the home and around 50 meters in the surrounding. There are others that come with a mobile SIM and you can trace the whereabouts of the elderly at all times. The basic alarm makes a loud noise alerting the people around that there is trouble in the house.

Different Types of Alarms

Some of the alarms have a GPS system which connects them to the 24/7 monitoring system and can be carried by the elderly anywhere they go. There is another alarm which comes with a SIM which can be fitted into the mobile and has a press button that can be pressed in an emergency.

Some of the alarms have fall detectors incorporated into them which send an alarm when the wearer has a fall to the carer who is monitoring the alarm services. When the call goes to the center they can locate through the GPS where the senior person can be found.

So if you have an elderly relative staying on her own, give an alarm system to her, so she  can get help when there is an emergency.

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