Get Meditation Beads To Help In Prayer And Meditation

Published By Mahi Yoga, 28 Dec 2017

Get Meditation Beads To Help In Prayer And Meditation

Meditation beads also known as mala beads are used in prayer and meditation. They remind us of our intentions. Malas are also known as Buddhist prayer beads. They are made of gemstones, rudraksha beads and sandalwood. Mala can be made in several styles and designs. Depending on your intention you can have it in gemstones.

Some ethnic malas are made with 108 beads, guru and tassels. The tassels are joined together below the guru representing all of us united with the divine. Mala bracelets and rings come in different auspicious numbers for shorter meditations. For centuries mala beads have been used by Hindus and Buddhists. In Hinduism the malas are made of rudraksha seeds which are considered holy.

For What Are Malas Used?

Malas are usually used as jewelry, decoration and for seated meditation. Malas may adorn the altars of meditation devotees as well as wrists and necks. Malas will be placed at the top of the yoga mats when they start with the yoga practice. The necklaces have a special significance for the wearer depending on the stones and the energy that is resonated by the beads.

The traditional mala which is a garland is made of 108 beads knotted together by hand with a guru bead at the end. Sometimes there are different types of beads placed after 27 beads to make it easy to keep track of the mantra. You will also find decorative necklaces and bracelets with 27 and 54 beads that is half and quarter of 108. Presently malas are made of a variety of material such as stones, seeds, wood pearls and crystals.

Advantages Of Malas

Malas are generally used to track japa or meditation of mantra. Using a mala you can keep track of a repetitive sound of a mantra whether you are saying it loud whispering or chanting it slowly. Using a mala to recite a mantra is similar to using a rosary. Meditating with a mala is said to slow respiration and help in wellbeing.

Repeating any mantras that you choose can redirect the mind from day to day obsessions to new thought patterns. Similar devices like the mala have been used in many religions like Hinduism, Jainism, Buddhism, Christianity, Sikhism and Islam.

Meditation relaxes the brain and helps to bring about self-awareness and focus attention. When a yogi squats he brings his hands to the heart representing a single bead of the mala.

Which Is The Right Meditation Mala?

There are a large number of malas in the market so choosing the correct mala can be a tough task. Some traditional malas are made of traditional material such as rudraksha seed yak bone and Bodhi seed. These malas are cheap and affordable. Some malas are made of gemstones and have spiritual and physical perspectives. Gemstones are smooth and help you glide easily as you recite your mantras. Gemstones can help you choose spiritual or emotional aspect that you want to work on in your meditation. A mala will be an object that you focus on through your spiritual journey. So choose the exact mala to help in spiritual or emotional journey.


Meditation Beads is worked as spiritual or emotional aspect. So it is important to choose right mala for you. In this case can help you by their offerings. You will different style of Meditation beads or mala to choose.


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