Get Age Concern Panic Button To Help Elderly Live Independently

Published By Personal Systems, 16 Sep 2017

A personal alarm provides the elderly with freedom to live their life the way they like best and provide their family with peace of mind that they are just a press of a button away if they need help. There is a pendant, a wrist band or a belt clip to be worn in the house or the garden. When you need help you press the button and the unit at the base of the phone will send a signal to the help center.

The operator will confirm that help is on the way and will contact the key holder or the emergency services. Help will arrive to see if you are alright and provide assistance that you require.

Age NI Personal Alarm Service

Age NI personal alarm service provides freedom to the elderly to live independently in their own home with the knowledge that help is at hand in an emergency whether it is a fall or an accident in the house. Friends and family can have peace of mind that there is help at hand in an emergency.

With just the touch of a button family or friends can be alerted any time day or night, and seven days in the week. The alarm is lightweight and can be used as a pendant, and wrist band. It works in the home and the garden which is a distance of 50 meters. It can be easily installed by the user or the local installers. The wearer has to press the button on the lightweight pendant or wristbandto connect with response center.

Seven Different Types of Alarms

Alarms provide independence to the elderly and help when they need it. There are seven different types of alarms.  Any of the alarms mentioned below any be used to contact the care center and get help in any emergency

• Lifemax emergency alarm for the elderly with Wi-Fi and panic setting.

• SureSafe panic alarm for elderly crisis call device which is exempted from tax.

• SureSafependant alarm for the elderly duo which is exempt from vat and easy to set up.

• Wi-Fi NRS health auto dial panic alarm safety alert pendant  with wireless function

• NRS health care personal alarm for elderly with auto phone dialing

• Wireless panic button for the elderly and disabled which is hands free

• New auto dial fall alarm for the elderly with panic button  which uses existing phone line

Keep Safe with Telecare and Alarm

An alarm can help the elderly remain in their own homes and live the life they enjoy. It can help avoid the unnecessary upheaval of moving into an old age home. It is best to discuss the alarm with the local social service authorities. Sometimes they might help you to have it free of charge after assessment by an occupational therapist.

Social services authority that stay in the locality can ensure that there is enough money left to pay for community alarm system after deducting care and support charges.

If you have elderly relatives staying on their own it is best to have a lightweight alarm  pendant or wrist band that can call for help in any emergency.

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