Five Mistakes to Avoid When Buying a Home Insurance Policy

Published By Beneficial Insurance, 30 Oct 2017

Five Mistakes to Avoid When Buying a Home Insurance Policy

Owning a dream house is an important milestone, but choosing a perfect house can be a tedious exercise in itself. You might also have to go through an overwhelming process of deciding suitable home insurance that matches all your needs. In lack of better understanding about home insurance policy, few mistakes might be possible which can cost more money either in the form of higher premiums or less coverage than what is expected.

Below is the list of five such common mistakes that are possible but can be avoided, while buying a home insurance policy–

1. Unable To Compare Options
The most common mistake that homeowners make while buying a home insurance policy is failing to ask the right questions, such as what are the policy’s inclusions and exclusions, coverage limit, discounts, additional coverage requirements and so on.

There are various insurance providers available in the market and their premiums can differ based on the fact how insurers assess the risk. Following factors can help better while comparing insurance policies –

• Affordability – Policies with affordable premiums are also available with many providers. Search best options available in the market to get quality insurance cover at a reasonable price.

• Coverage – Quality is also as important as affordability of the policy premium. Cheaper insurance cover with inferior cover can cost more in the long run.
Experts suggest that exploring all available options with different insurance providers is beneficial, even while renewing an existing cover.

2. Selecting Less Coverage To Get A Cheaper Deal
As discussed above, a cheap insurance is not always a good cover. Your home insurance is supposed to cover the value of replacing your entire house, including its contents, in case of a disaster. It does not mean that you will not find suitable cover at a reasonable cost. You can still opt for adequate coverage with increased deductibles to lower your overall cost.

3. Failure To Update The Policy
This is one of the most common mistakes which can happen unintentionally by not regularly updating your home insurance policy. Updating your cover every time with the changes made to the house will be worthwhile in case of a claim. Keep your insurance provider in the loop to avoid exposing yourself to major risks. For example, if an accident happens in your new pool, and your policy is not updated then you might have to pay for the damages from your own pocket instead of using the personal liability coverage which is generally offered with all standard policies.

4. Failure To Comprehend Exclusions Properly
While buying an insurance policy, try to compare exclusions mentioned in the different policies like an act of God, earthquakes, flood, etc. Asking the right questions might help you choose the right insurance cover for your home.

5. Disregarding Importance Of Accurate Deductibles
In an event of a claim, you might have to pay the excess amount which is not covered by the policy. The claim will only be settled once payment for the excess amount is done. Hence, it is recommended by professionals to negotiate a reasonable deductible amount with insurance providers.

You should consider buying a home insurance policy after accurately calculating the value of the property which you want to insure. It may take some time but it will be worth to select a quality cover with an affordable premium.

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