Fit bit blaze screen guard

Published By Hamee India, 20 Dec 2017

Fit bit blaze screen guard

Description: Fitbit Blaze Smart Fitness Watch Screen Protector Tempered Glass-Hamee India

If you believe in importance of time then you must believe in the personal fitness agenda too, for the importance of time could be recognised only if you are fit enough to follow schedules. Time and fitness are two inseparable aspects of human life. This combo has been well received by Fitbit blaze screen guard brand and they have blended two crucial components into one smart fitness watch. The watch is a lot more of a fitness guide then just the time revealer.

As per the tag line words “ignite your passion, pursue your goals” goes, the company emphasises on setting personal fitness goal and the fitness watch`s feature will help you achieve the goals. The fitness related features loaded in the watch will ignite the subtle passion in you, toward your personal fitness.

This sleek time piece has been designed to help you maximise every workout of your and that too every day. The Fitbit Blaze is your personal fitness trainer who can track your continuous heart rate via feature called PurePulseTM . Multi-sport tracking connected GPS and FitStar like features automatically track your activity, exercise, floors climbed, active minutes and calories burned. You can see your stats and stay motivated all day, every day.

The icing on the cake is the face of the FitBit blaze can be customized with variety of watch faces. Number of interchangeable metal, leather and sports wrist bands and frames are available for your personal fitness tracker. The FitBit Blaze smart watch`s touchscreen enables call receiving, texting and calendar notifications to ease you from the trouble of picking your handset each and every time it rings.


This smart watch if worn at night automatically track your sleep and sets a silent, vibrating alarm to wake you up more peacefully.


You may sync your FitBit Blaze with more than 200+ iPhone, windows and android devices.

Why screen protector from Hamee India for FitBit Blaze

 If the watch is multi facet then why not protect its face with screen protector, tempered glass from a brand which is trust worthy.

Prices at Rs199 the tempered glass screen protector for FitBit Blaze fits the smart watch perfectly.

Description: Fitbit Blaze Smart Fitness Watch Screen Protector Tempered Glass-Hamee India


The 0.3mm screen protector for FitBit Blaze from Hamee India House  gives the unaffected touching sensitivity.  You will see your screen with HD clarity after application of screen protector.

The installation of screen protector tempered glass ensures zero bubbles between the original screen and the screen protector.

The high degree of transparency rendered by tempered glass makes sure the user interface is not interrupted anyhow.

Description: Fitbit Blaze Smart Fitness Watch Screen Protector Tempered Glass-Hamee India

The 9H hardness provides protection against scratches and cuts. Description: Fitbit Blaze Smart Fitness Watch Screen Protector Tempered Glass-Hamee India

The oleophobic coating of the glass screen protector protects the FitbBit blaze screen against dirt, fingerprint and smudges.

Description: Fitbit Blaze Smart Fitness Watch Screen Protector Tempered Glass-Hamee India

 Protect your personal fitness tracker with Hamee India Screen protector tempered glass so that the watch and the fitness never ever ditch you. Stay abreast with fitness and protect the fitness tracker against probable damages from drops and scratches. Grab screen protector from

 Hamee-India and insure your fitness tracker.

Description: Samsung Gear S3 Frontier


If you are die-hard fan of Samsung brand then you must be in possession of smart watch from your favourite Samsung brand SAMSUNG GEAR S3

Class ahead in league of smart watches stands the Samsung Galaxy G3 which is truly a premium smart watch with advanced feature packed in watch device. The temporary freedom from handset and recharge hassle comes free with Samsung smart watch Gear S3. Smart Samsung Gear S 3 watch has mic and built-in–speaker enabling taking and making calls from the watch itself.

The bezel of the watch performs so many functions like responding to calls, reading text messages opening the app, turning up the volume, turning off the alarm and many more.

With long battery life of the watch, Gear S3 has in-built GPS that gives you the freedom of tracking and exploring on the go without your handset.

The Gear S3 can collect your activity data and keeps you on fitness track. It sends you alert regarding change in atmospheric pressure to let you keep an eye on weather changes. The 4GB internal memory of the Gear S3 allows you to take your music with you without the extra weight of your phone so jazz up your run and work outs sessions.

The water-resistant smart watch can send the emergency messages to your selected people by long pressing the home button three times. The location could be send immediately thereafter to help tracking you.

Description: Samsung Gear S3 Specification

 Samsung Gear S3 has its companion on Hamee India

Hamee India has screen protector tempered glass for Samsung Gear galaxy s3 glass screen protector  which fits in the watch perfectly. The easily installable screen protector has laser cut dimensions which fit only Samsung Gear S3 alone. The screen protector makes the original screen of the Gear S3 smart watch scratch resistant against knife, keys and other hard substances.


Description: Samsung Gear S3 Watch Screen Protector

The temper Glass from Hamee India is too easy to install and the bubble free adhesive retains the HD Retina Clarity of the screen for clear viewing and hassle free user interface.

Description: Samsung Gear S3 Watch Screen Protector

The 9H hardness of the screen protector temper glass for Samsung Gear S3 from Hamee India  is harder than a knife’s blade. The protector can rebound many possible scratches by keys and many other sharp objects.


Description: Samsung Gear S3 Watch Screen Protector


Hamee India`s screen protector is made of premium quality material which has hydrophobic Oleophobic coating to protect the Gear  s3 glass screen protector from sweat and Oil residue from finger prints keeping the touch sensitivity of the touchscreen of the watch intact.




Description: Samsung Gear S3 Watch Screen Protector



The Hamee India screen protector is only 0.26mm thick which help in maintaining original response sensitivity of the screen ensuring quick launch of apps.


For just Rs199 insure your Samsung Gear S3`s screen and ensure the watch stays anew for longer time. The Hamee India Brand has super quality product for your asset, so don’t wait and watch … go and grab one for your watch and stay carefree.