FFP2 mask respirator

Published By Great Seo, 13 Jan 2021

FFP2 mask respirator

Produce FFP2 Filtering Half Mask Under German & Chinese management

We offer the FFP2 face masks with the best filtering effect & the lowest breathing resistance




Our FFP2 face mask from China


We are A China Protective Face Mask Company, we offer Chinese price with the best quality PPE KN95 face mask, N95 face mask, FFP2 face mask, FFP3 face masks. If you are looking for the original China PPE face mask company with guaranteed quality for every dust FFP2 protective mask you buy, I believe we are the best KN95/N95 FFP2 mask company for you, contact us to get more detail about how we guarantee the quality of every mask we offer you. Click here to download our FFP2 face mask testing report according to EN149 standard, max paraffin oil penetration is 1.3%, most of them are less than 0.96%.

Olayer is a FFP1 FFP2 FFP3 Protective face masks, respirator, KN95, N95 mask manufacturer company in China, The best European Owner N95 FFP2 FFP3 NR face mask company in China. Contact Us Now!


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As we all know that the world has a Coronavirus problem, some countries were heavily affected by COVID-19. I believe right now to control the affection speeding from the Coronavirus, wearing an N95 FFP2 face mask and use the infrared thermometer to check the temperature will be the most important thing for hospitals, doctor, and some public places, wearing FFP3 face mask could protect your hearth from other people (if they carry with COVID-19) during the social communication, as I shared the short story before.

About Us

In April 2020, Steve. Yang, Thomas. Zhang and Mr. Hans-Juergen Kruse (Germany) invested the foldable FFP2 FFP3 respirator mask company, added five FFP2 FFP3 NR mask production line to produce KN 95 face masks and N95 NR masks since we have our plastic injection mold and molding machines to make the plastic molding parts for the no contacting thermometers, so, we made 26 sets of molds for the infrared thermometers.

Are you looking for KN95, N95, FFP1, FFP2, or FFP3 protective face masks? Do you find any difficulty in getting the PPE face masks and respirators from American or European companies? Here we are. A China Face Mask Company Dongguan Olayer Technology Co.ltd provides you best quality respirator masks at a reasonable price. As the whole world is facing COVID-19 pandemic and the need for PPE face masks is prevailing everywhere. These respirators prevent the user from inhaling infectious agents, pollutants, aerosol, droplets, and airborne particles. In this crucial time FFP1, FFP2 and FFP3 mask respirators with EU CE certificate are the best-selling PPE masks in the world. But due to the lockdown and closing of most of the companies by governments, these PPE masks are not accessible from the UNITED STATES or Europe for everyone. So Chinese PPE mask companies will take this role in producing masks and respirators.

Donguan Olayer Technology Co.ltd (Olayer), developed by Steve Yang, Thomas Chao and Hans-Juergen Kruse in Germany, it is involved in producing FFP2 face masks from 2019, at first Olayer produce KN95 face masks for the China market Since Covid-19 happened in China, in 2020 of March we started to produce FFP1,FFP2, FFP3 mask respirators for the world market.

The FFP2 face mask we have been producing that meets the EN 149 2001 +A: 2009 standard. The masks have passed European PPE mask CE certification and hence is safe for consumers all across the world.

In order to know more detail and the mask quality, you can visit the company’s official website https://www.n95-ffp2.com/. Moreover, if you have any inquiry regarding anything do not hesitate to mail us at sales@olayer.com or kruse@olayer.eu also, you can make us a call  at  86 0769 3388 9978; +86 135 3080 1277(china) or +49 (0) 2334 92722 90 (German)

Visit This Website= https://www.n95-ffp2.com/