Fall Detection And Alarm Systems

Published By Personal Systems, 13 Sep 2017


Suresafe is a private company based in the UK which has grown and spread over the years such that they are now fully functional and operational in the United States as well as Australia. This company has made a name for itself in the area of providing safety measures and systems especially for the elderly. Those who take care of the elderly find out that many a times there is fear of them either falling down or wandering off. These two issues are the greatest problems which occur when taking care of aged people. They have worked hard as a company to design Fall Detection as well as Help Alarm systems to help people who have elderly people to take care. Of.


• Sure safe connect- this is a device that helps to connect the elderly person with the care giver on a 24 hours and 7 days basis. This device comes with four different options depending on what suits the needs as well as preference of our clients. The idea behind this product is to ensure that 24 hours of the day clients are in constant contact with their aged ones. The system is very good and works well with an Alert Button in the case of emergency.

• Sure Safe Go Anywhere Alarms- this is a unique mobile GPS tracker which the elder person can wear around their necks like a pendant. The general idea of this pendant is to make sure that the elder’s whereabouts is known at every point in time. This way there is no fear that the elderly person will wander away and get lost. Care givers can easily trace and find them.

• Fall Detection Alarms- The company has alert systems which ensure that in the event of a fall they possess detection and alarm systems to make sure that the care givers are alerted on time if such a situation occurs. When care givers get the alerts on time, they can easily rush to the place to offer help and do their best to give care to the elderly person.

• Alarm Bracelets for Elderly- Suresafe  has a range of different kinds of alarm bracelets which the elderly people can wear at every point in time. These bracelets work in such a way that they are connected real time to a command center so that at every point in time the movement of the elderly person is monitored. In the case of an emergency, care givers can easily be alerted and if the situation warrants an ambulance or emergency health care, the elderly person can get it.

They have gotten to understand over the course of many years of doing business that cost is very important. Many people see a product which they would like to have they cannot afford it due to cost. To try to battle this issue some of the measure which they have taken include that there are no middle man involved in their operations. They deal directly with the final consumers. They also sell directly from our online store and their products come ready to use without the need of an engineer or any technical expert to come and install.

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