Extensive Support for Bigbond Issues

Published By ADV Software, 1 Nov 2017

Extensive Support for Bigbond Issues
Bigpond email service gives a lot to their customers. Without this email account people can’t leave even a single day. That’s why whenever they face any problem, they just contact with the bigpond support team. There are various problems which need only technical attention and that is not possible for the users to provide that. With their limited knowledge it is not possible at all. Some of them try to figure out the problem, but stopped in middle of the problem due to lack of proper knowledge and training. Bigpond technicians are very much aware about the users’ advantages and disadvantages. They always busy themselves in providing unique solutions.

Sometimes, users want to create a folder in bigpond mail and want to move all mails in it, but they don’t know how to do this. Sometimes, they don’t want to depend on others. But if they try to figure out, it only creates complications. That’s why bigpond support team advice them to follow some steps which are discussed below-

·         Users need to open their bigpond account first. Then they need to choose ‘’add’’ option from left side where the folders and other features are there.

·         Then, users need to type the folder name which they like. And then, they need to save them.

·         Then, users need to select an email which they want to move into their newly created folder.

·         After that, users are instructed to choose ‘’move to option’’ and then users need to select ‘’my folder’’ and finally they need to select the newly created folder name.

Bigpond support team contains only efficient technicians who have sound knowledge in this field. Sometimes, due to lack of proper training or knowledge, some users leave their bigpond account forever.  That’s why bigpond technicians give them training along with providing solutions also. This email service can be operated from multiple devices too. Users need to have clear conception about that.

If the users want some personal guidance from the technicians, then they can contact with bigpond help team too. This team is open for providing 24x7 hours basis service. Technicians are always reachable through a toll free helpline number. Users don’t require spending any single penny for discussing or sharing their problems, ideas with the technicians. Telephone services are without limitation. Users can call whenever they need technical requirement. Technicians never compromise with the deadline and the quality of the service.