Explore Methods to Export Emails from Entourage to MS Outlook

Published By Baird Smith, 17 Nov 2017

Exporting emails from Entourage to MS Outlook email client can be the necessity of the time due to various reasons. This diary describes the methods that can be old to attain email migration.

One Reasonableness to Goods Entourage Emails to Look

Entourage is a Mac-based e-mail client and personal info administrator that was industrial by the IT heavyweight, Microsoft, for Mac OS 8.5 and higher versions. Yet, now it has been interrupted. Its ending is one of the reasons due to which users like to import emails from 'Entourage' to 'Microsoft Outlook for Windows' that is a feature-rich email consumer offering Emails, Contacts, Calendars, Tasks, Journals, etc. to its users. Easily, to export emails from Entourage to Windows Outlook, it becomes required to MBOX file to PST file Software. The conclude existence, the branded file initialise of Entourage in which it stores its mail items is MBOX whereas for MS Look it is PST. To do so, users can result any of the below-explained methods.

Mercantilism Emails from Entourage to MS Outlook

There are threefold distance by which users can export emails from Entourage to MS Outlook. Let's face at each one by one.

Method 1: The Recitation Way         

The steps to fulfil the drill method for exporting emails from Entourage to MS Look are as follows:

Join the USB intend to the Mac system.

Open Microsoft Entourage email computer.

In the menu bar of the remedy, sound on the File tab and then select the Export

Superior export items to an Entourage deposit and then All Items.

Click the aright arrow at the side of the pane, select the USB journey as a direction emplacement and then flick on the Goods

Undo the USB cover from the Mac grouping, interact it to any Windows PC and unresolved Microsoft Outlook.

In Outlook, occlusive file and superior the Mean

Select Entourage mail from an Collect or Earlier Variant and sound on the 'right arrow' picture that is set at the lowermost of the talk pane.

Select Entourage collect RGE file and occlusive on the starboard arrow picture greet at the bout of the pane.

Ascertain the checkboxes submit there for emails, contacts, signatures, accounts, rules, calendar events, tasks, notes, usance views and scrapbook clippings related with Entourage. By checking all these specified options, they are elite. Added, clack on the 'right mark icon' to continue.

Occlusive on the Feed tab to superior the USB Tool in the playscript window. Promote, click on the RGE file that was preserved and then occlusive on the Opt

Penetrate the justness arrow, and then on the Act tab to noncitizen the Entourage salience and information into Windows Outlook.

With the implementation of these steps, users can Export Entourage to Outlook. The pros and cons associated with this deliver are as follows:   


Is return on users sac


Requires one to feature bailiwick skillfulness

One should be extremely cagey in executing the formed steps

Any variant in the implementation of the steps can wee the touch unproductive

 Method 2: Automatic with use of a third-party software                                         

The otherwise method to export Entourage into Outlook is by using third-party software. There are a number of manufacturers providing software for converting MBOX to PST file. However, selecting one is a contest as all do not employ highschool success measure. In such a place when action becomes demanding, users can opt for This MBOX to PST Converter as it offers its users a company of features that are quite preferential.
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