Evangelical, Holy Spirit and Charismatic Churches: Winning Souls to the Kingdom of God

Published By Vine Life, 10 Nov 2017

Evangelical, Holy Spirit and Charismatic Churches: Winning Souls to the Kingdom of God


True Christians are believed to always want to be in the gathering of fellow Christians. This is because it is believed that where there are two or more people gathered in God’s name, He is always there. Furthermore, when Christians are gathered, they are able to learn from one another, share experiences, pray and praise God together. The church provides this platform for Christians to be in one accord and praise God under the same roof.

The church, which is usually headed by a pastor, provides an avenue for people to learn more about God and connect with Him. The church ensures that the children of God are more connected with God and do not go astray. There are various churches across the globe as they are given the mandate to spread the gospel of Christ to all ends of the earth. These churches are in different denominations.

Evangelical Churches

Evangelical churches are churches that lay much emphasis on preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ. They also believe in the scripture as the only basis of faith, personal experiences of conversion and active evangelism. The word “Evangelical” is coined from the Latin word (evangelium) which means “good news”. In the 16th century, Martin Luther King and his followers were regarded as Evangelicals as they laid much emphasis on justification by faith in Christ Jesus.

Evangelical churches regard the bible as their main tool as they believe that the word of God is all that a man needs to be saved. Furthermore, members of Evangelical churches always preach from one place to another, winning souls for Christ. The church is built on evangelizing round the world and winning souls into the kingdom.

Holy Spirit Church

Holy Spirit church is a church filled with the Holy Spirit. Holy Spirit churches are churches that place emphasis on the Holy Spirit. It is believed that when one is filled with the Holy Spirit, he would be able to connect with God. In fact, without the Holy Spirit, one is not a true Christian and would be unable to communicate with the father in heaven. It is believed that God does not associate Himself with carnality or the flesh; hence one has to always be in spirit. The Holy Spirit teaches all things and guides one through the right part. It is believed that no one is perfect, but the Holy Spirit can make one perfect as it would be one’s compass and adviser

Charismatic Churches

Charismatic churches are churches that place emphasis on the work of the Holy Spirit and spiritual gifts. Charismatic churches are placed under 3 groups, which are:
* Pentecostal church,
* Charismatic movement church,
* Neo-charismatic movement church,

Charismatic churches believe in spiritual and supernatural occurrences such as healing, prophecy and spiritual gifts. Charismatic churches believe in the supernatural powers of God as He is able to do all things, including things that are impossible by human definition.

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