Epygi Support for your Integrated Business Solutions

Published By Mia Distribution, 23 Oct 2017

Epygi Support for your Integrated Business Solutions
Epygi systems provide communication solutions for all types of business. Whether you have a small, medium or enterprise business there will be a solution for you using an Epygi IP PBX or Gateway. The Epygi support for your business is customisable to suit your communication needs.

Conferencing and Handsets

Because of Epygi QX200 open standard IP PBX products, you can choose which handset will work best for your company. Due to the choice of handsets that one can use the Epygi system can save you money. Most other systems the choice is limited to handset providers which supply the handsets at a set cost. The greatest advantage being that if you are looking at upgrading the PABX Warehouse there is no need to buy new phones provided the old phones are compatible.

The choice of phone companies you can choose from are well-known brands such as Alcatel, Cisco, Panasonic and 7 more. This makes the migration from your old system to the new much easier and more cost effective.

The conferencing systems that Epygi offer will enable the employees to be more productive with the high-quality video and sound capabilities. The system allows you to communicate with your teams in real time and from anywhere. It is not only an effective tool to communicate in real time with work teams but eye to eye conferencing with your customers and finding solutions to their specific needs.

The audio conferencing can be used with any phone but for video conferencing, the participant's phone needs to be a video phone. The Epygi system operates in two modes manual and automatic. In the automatic mode, the video will automatically focus on the participant that is speaking loudest. In the manual mode, you can choose which participant the video will focus on.

National Broadband Network

This is Australia's new network and you might be advised that your phones are not compatible with NBN Phone systems. Before you make the decision to upgrade the phone system at your business it is wise to check first. There could be other optionsavailable because the NBN telephone systems are compatible with most telephones. Get into contact with the nearest Epygi support to enquire what is required to get the new NBN to work.


With modern marketing and communication methods, it could be a great time to consider upgrading your old system. By upgrading to the new VoIP / SIP trunk systems it will save money in the long term. Not only that, with these two systems it is possible to keep the existing numbers that you have. The best is to get advice from the nearest telephone systems provider and with the Epygi system, you may be able to keep your old handsets.


Most companies have surveillance systems in place and this requires two providers but with the Epygi support systems, this can all be integrated into one. This provides security for your staff by having IP cameras mounted inside and outside. The system has the capability of recording previous events and these video streams can be viewed at a later date.

Epygi systems are the only telephone system that provides a total office solution controlled from one centre.