Enjoy the Versatility of Gigaset Cordless Phones.

Published By Mia Distribution, 3 Nov 2017

Enjoy the Versatility of Gigaset Cordless Phones.

Gigaset range of telephones cover all the telephone requirements a business or home requires. They offer versatility which is important for effective communication with your customers or colleagues. The phones plug into the landline and can be used as an analogue phone. Connect it to your router which allows a whole lot of features. The VoIP functionality allows you to make parallel calls eliminating the need for separate lines. Multitasking is easy with Gigaset cordless phones which seamlessly can switch between land lines and internet.

Internet Operability

Contact a Gigaset E630A to find which model will suit your needs because the phones have the ability to have a number of SIP accounts. The amount will differ depending on the model and you can save money by making free calls to other Gigaset VoIP phones globally using Gigaset Telephone, Smartphone & Smart Home Solutions. Not only that you are able to get online access to get information from Social Media Platforms.

The sound quality is fantastic with the HDSP technology the phones are fitted with. There is no need to worry about your contact list because with the Contacts Push function you can upload your contacts directly from your smartphone.

Customise the Phone

It is extremely easy to personalise the phone to suit your taste. You can customise the ring tone, screen saver and the sound profiles. The interface is simple to use which features coloured icons and a text based menu which makes the coloured browsing a great experience. You can add a VIP contacts list and assign special ring tones to let you know when they call.

The hands-free feature allows you to multitask and the sound quality is not affected at all. You are not limited to one hand set. More handsets can be added for each office or room and just ask a Gigaset Australian Distributor which model would be best for your specific circumstances.


The Gigaset A540 range gives the flexibility for you to be able to do your work without interruption. The answering function can record more than one message ensuring that you never miss a call. When you need to leave your desk space simply activate the Bluetooth function and pair the headsets giving you more talking freedom. Most businesses need more than one number and with Gigaset ISDN systems you can have up to 10 numbers.

Don't get Disturbed

If you would like to have an important meeting and do not want to miss a call with Gigaset Cordless Phones the vibrate function is perfect for this purpose. Even if the phone is on mute the phone will vibrate and the screen flashes when a call comes in. If it is someone you can call later they can easily leave a message which is signalled with the flashing message icon. More importantly, you can ensure that you are not disturbed at all by anonymous callers with its CLIP function.

Contact your nearest Gigaset Distributor who will be able to advise which system will be best suited for your business or home.