Enhance the décor and keep you home clean with Floor Mats

Published By Alec Adriel, 11 Nov 2017

Enhance the décor and keep you home clean with Floor Mats


Enhance the décor and keep you home clean with Floor Mats

Floor Mating is prime way to keep your home and office neat & clean. It is must to maintain a healthy environment at home. As we know “Health is Wealth”, it is necessary to keep our living space free from all type of unhealthy things that directly or indirectly affect our health.

If our surroundings are healthy, we will be fit and fine and everything will go in a progressive way. A famous saying… “Sound mind resides in a Sound body”.

What is Floor Matting?

Floor matting is a way to keep the floor free from dust and rust. These are mainly placed at the entrance gates to wipe out the dust from shoes before entering inside. It prevents the germs and harmful particles to enter your living or corporate premises, which affect the health of people in an adverse manner. Some of the organizations use entrance mats with logo to alert people to mind their steps.

People generally are not aware of the after affect of these dust particles and germs. Due to this unconsciousness, most of the people, almost every day come up with the health issues among their family members. Infants or child below 5 years are more prone to these problems because while playing they are not aware of these precautions and are in a very less age to understand these things. So it’s the duty of their parents to look after them by keeping their surroundings clean.

Types of Mats:

·         Personalized Door Mats: Personalized door mats or welcome mats or entrance mats are the mats which are generally used at doormats in home or corporate sectors. These are made up of fiber, cotton and cloth material and are best for homes. A doormat may also be known as a welcome mat, as its location at an entrance constitutes a "welcome" to visitors, and may therefore also bear some word, message or sign of greeting. 

·         Berber Mats: Berber mats are different from others. These carpets come in two different designs- Traditional and Modern. These are made by knitting the cloth in different ways producing different designs. These are very colorful and attractive used in different occasions at home or offices.

·         Custom Logo Mats: Custom Logo mats come with different cautions and signs on mats either to welcome or caution people before stepping in. Various types are:

·         No shoes on Mats

·         Floor may be slippery

·         Please…Wipe your feet

·         Welcome Notes

·         Anti-fatigue Mats

·         Modular Mats: Modular mats are of different kind. These are basically known as interlocking mats or tiles used to lock the liquid at a wet area like garages, stations, near water coolers, washrooms etc. Made up of a hard core material or rubber.

After considering all of the functional requirements above, the buyer must look at the budget and decide on the remaining parameters that affect cost. These include brand, quality, material, warranty, etc.

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