Ecommerce Software That Integrates with Amazon

Published By Ethan Brown, 12 Oct 2017

Ecommerce has been seeing a great deal of growth for the past decade. With people mostly shopping online, marketplaces like eBay and Amazon have become gold mines for businesses. However, in order make your products shine here, you need robust Ecommerce software that offers seamless integration of your website with these marketplaces.  

Neto offers integration with various marketplaces, most notably eBay and is getting close to providing Amazon integration too. It can help you in managing all of your product listings, inventory, orders and stores of your chosen marketplace from a centralized control panel.

Neto Ecommerce offers templates to you for creating listings quickly. It would take mere minutes for you to list thousands of products to Amazon using these listing templates. You can even create your own listing templates as well to automate the listing process. Neto gives you the chance to schedule your listings as well by providing you a scheduler.

Order management is among the highlight features of Neto Ecommerce. The order management systems it provides you is scalable and can sync with eBay or Amazon automatically. With this order management system in place, you can manage all of your marketplace orders without encountering any issues.

Keeping track of inventory is considered one of the most difficult tasks when selling products on marketplaces. Neto Ecommerce provides an efficient solution for this by offering various inventory management tools to take charge of your Amazon inventory. It offers real-time stock tracking and up-to-date information regarding the items that are sold out and need to be restocked.

Neto allows you to manage multiple marketplace stores from a single account. You just have to add the ID of your Amazon web store into your Neto account. Once added, you will be able to use the centralized order and inventory management tools offered by this Ecommerce software for managing all your stores.

With Neto Ecommerce, you get to instantly transfer the listings you have on your marketplace to Neto at the touch of a button. You can create product listings for your web store using the product data you have on Amazon. 
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