Does Luxury Matter? A Look at the Best Quality Kandypens Vaporizers

Published By Benjamin Winterburn, 30 Aug 2017

Does Luxury Matter? A Look at the Best Quality Kandypens Vaporizers

Kandypens is one of the first companies to sell vaporizers and vaping from an elite and luxury perspective. In fact, the entire brand is built around these two buzzwords. Everything from the packaging to Kandypen’s website is glossy, sleek, and incredibly suave.

If you browse the company’s social media, there are hot girls and effortless cool. This vaping lifestyle starts with the vaporizer but takes it much farther. As the Kandypens website proclaims, with this vaporizer “The world is yours.”

While a business built around being high-end seems to exude high quality, the question for everyday vape lovers is whether this luxury matters.

A Saturated Market
The best quality Kandypens vaporizers are handheld and pen vaporizers. In the past few years, there has been an explosion of these smaller, portable, and pocket-friendly vaporizers. It can be easy to lose track of what brand your best friend used last week because she has a new brand in hand this week. From type of material used to create the look and feel of the vaporizer, anything from wood to stainless steel can clad the exterior of a vaporizer, to interior heating mechanism, the number of choices seem endless.

Amidst this proliferation of portable vaporizers, there are some inexpensive options, and then there are top of the line, blow your budget options. Of course, there is also the middle ground, which straddles the worlds between getting the basics and getting basically everything in a handheld vaporizer. While going for the middle ground is typically safe territory for a product, vaping is very personal.

Dishing out a bit more cash for a high-end product can actually make a massive difference in your experience. Here’s why.

Get What You Pay For
As Kandypens convincingly tells its customers not all vaporizers are made equal. While look and feel is part of the equation, the quality of your vape experience is defined by more than just the exterior. What is inside can make a massive difference in your vapors, punch, and the effects. A vaporizer that draws easily is going to pack a bigger punch, while a vaporizer with a smoother flow will deliver discrete puffs. What you want is a vaporizer that draws as described online or on its packaging.

Another reason to consider a step up in quality and luxury of your vaporizer is to improve the longevity of your device. A vaporizer made of the best materials is going to last longer than an inexpensive version. As with shoes, shirts, and electronic devices - when it comes to vaporizers, you get what you pay for.

What Are Kandypens Hottest Vaporizers
When it comes to the Best Quality Kandypens Vaporizer, there are quite a few considerations that could lead you to a very different answer. Luckily, no matter where you land Vapaura carries the full-range of Kandypens products. For example, this year Kandypens released the K-Vape. It has a ceramic exterior and stainless steel chamber, and you can even upgrade to the 24K edition, which features gold accents. BPA free and with true convection technology that doesn’t require combustion, you get clean and smooth vapors from this device.

Another of Kandypens bestsellers is the Gravity, a vaporizer pen for concentrates. It creates heat within Kandypens’ quartz-crystal chamber, and has titanium coils for the appearance of effortless heat. Combustion free, but featuring a lot of class, the Gravity is handmade and a limited edition vaporizer.

If you are looking for Kandypens’ best of the best in terms of materials and look, then pass by the K-Vape and Gravity, go straight to the Elite. Shiny, sparkling, and nearly irresistible the Elite has been awarded best vape pen by some of the industry leaders.

Where to Find Kandypens
The best quality Kandypens vaporizers are in stock and ready to ship at When you visit our online store, you will find easy to read product descriptions and clear images of the Kandypens products, which lets you know exactly what to expect when the handheld vaporizer arrives. View of Kandypens vaporizers today!

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