Do You Know All About Tooth Decay

Published By Lizeth Wells, 8 Dec 2017

Tooth decay is in actual fact a decay of the tooth. This condition that can easily be prevented occurs in many children. While it is caused mainly by bacteria, there are other factors involved and you should cure it to find a dentist near me. Usually it occurs when food containing carbohydrates and sugars are left to accumulate on the teeth. Bacteria in the mouth work on the accumulated food converting it to acid. The mixture bacteria, food, saliva and acid result in the formation of plaque that sticks to the teeth. At other times, the acid may eat into the teeth enamel causing cavities. You can find best dentist near me and get effective treatment to solve these issues.

The fact that we all have bacteria in the mouth makes all of us likely to develop tooth decay. However, some people are more likely than others to develop this condition probably due to one of the following reasons. Those who eat diets that are high in carbohydrates and sweets are more likely to develop tooth decay. If you consume water that is less in fluoride, you stand a greater risk of having tooth decay. Also children and older adults are also at risk of developing this condition. Once such a condition is diagnosed in children, it is better to immediately contact an expert for help. There are Saturday dentist near me and he will be happy to help if you called.

Symptoms of tooth decay

The symptoms of tooth decay may vary. In children it may start with white spots on teeth followed by brown discoloration, it is suggested you to call a periodontist near me and get proper treatment. As decay progresses, the teeth color may become increasing dark as a cavity appears. The teeth may become very sensitive to cold drinks and sweets that can lead you to find a dentist. The condition may be diagnosed by taking the child to a dental healthcare practitioner or their doctor for a through physical examination.

How to prevent tooth decay

It is very possible to prevent tooth decay is children. All that is needed is that the right steps are followed. The best advice is to start brushing that the child’s teeth early. As soon as teeth start to appear, start brushing them using a soft toothbrush and toothpaste that has fluoride. Depending on the age of the child, you may use more toothpaste or less. Also from age two, floss the child’s teeth often. Also make sure the child’s diet is healthy and that carbohydrates and a lot of sweets are eliminated from the diet. At best, take the child for dental examination at least every six months.

How can tooth decay be treated?

The main treatment for tooth decay provided by adult dentist near me is the use of fillings. The part of the tooth that is decayed is removed and replaced with fillings. Fillings are materials placed on the tooth to help with tooth decay. As technology advances, more innovative ways of taking care of tooth decay are coming up.