Dealing with hair loss: FUE Hair Transplants Cost

Published By Fue Hlc, 13 Dec 2017

Today we want to talk a little about a procedure used to overcome early hair loss. The Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) is a hair grafting technique that has revolutionized the capillary surgery industry. As the name proposes the FUE consist on the extraction of follicular units from one part of your body to be implanted in your scalp. Although hair loss is usually related to genetics or the advanced stages of an illness, the treatment is considered a cosmetic one, very much on par with plastic surgery to fix a scar.

The FUE hair transplant cost is low when is compared with other procedures that might require donors or more complex techniques to graft hair to the affected area. It also has a series of pros and cost that we can list below:


No short-term visible scars in the affected area

Unlike other hair grafting treatments, the FUE technique does not leave visible scars in the areas where follicular units are inserted. This allows for a very natural and aesthetic look for people who carry short haircuts and are not able to hide scars with hair length.

No need of rest time

When a FUE treatment is applied, patients can go back to their daily routines almost immediately with no problems. The procedure also heals very quickly because the implants take hold of their new place in a very short time. Since the donor is the same recipient there is very little room for rejection.

It fixes the sequels of previous treatments

Bad hair treatments are a very common occurrence. Not only they affect negatively the self-esteem of the patient, they also leave visible scars and even might worsen the hair loss condition. FUE treatments can correct all these problems and help out people who have a bad medical history with their healing process.


Long-Term visible scars

As stated previously FUE treatment leaves minimal scarring in the head tissue. But there is a downside to it if the affected area is too large. If the quantity of follicular units transplanted is too high your scalp might show scars in the long run if your hair is too thin.

Treatment sessions can take a long time

FUE techniques to treat hair loss require that every follicular unit is placed one by one in the scalp. This process can take a lot of time, and depending on the size of the affected area of the patient it also might require more than one session.

The treatment may demand a complete shave of the affected area

For FUE treatments every case is unique, hair type plays a big part determining how the treatment will be applied.Along the standard medical regulations before a procedure like this takes place (blood work and other tests). For some patients it will be required a total shave of the affected area to ensure uniform growth. The final result will look much better, but it could still pose an aesthetic issue for some patients.

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