Customized Floor Mats with Logos Are On High Demand

Published By Alec Adriel, 16 Nov 2017

Customized Floor Mats with Logos Are On High Demand



Customized Floor Mats with Logos Are On High Demand

If you are looking floor mats for your bedrooms, Hall, kitchen, car, truck or camper you will get the various options to choose the carpets.

·        These carpets/mats are available online with Brandmat, a famous brand for personalized door mats in South Africa. Some are made of pure material, no mixing with other things; some have vinyl binding, while some others have rubber below. Even you can also find the plastic floor mats. The quality and material all depend upon the money you spend. If you can spend more money, then you can opt for custom floor mats. These mats are basically order based mats where you choose the color, material and even the design of the mat. It adds extra bit splash to your foyer. You can add logos on the mat which will make the mat more unique. You can make the mat according to the size of your room or the vehicle. It gives a perfect fit in the unusual spaces. More the money you give better will be the quality of the mat. Your workplace customized mats should have the following quality:

·        It should have the logo of the company

·        It should look good and it should have uniqueness.

·        It should give comfort to the people working there.

·        It should be slip resistant

·        Entrance Custom Mats provides the last impression on guests and customers

Custom logo mats are also available with different types of logos like:

Plush Logo Carpets - The elegance of a thick plush carpet with a logo inset can really make a statement. Materials range from shorter commercial grade 36 oz carpet on up to the heavier residential grade 90 oz carpet. Sometimes the logo details can be hand-carved to create a 3D effect. Ideal for Corporate Lobbies, Tradeshows, and Special Events.

Digitally Printed Carpet - now it's possible to capture photo quality images and have a digital print applied - inkjet fashion - on to a short looped commercial grade carpet and some cut pile carpets. Still in its infancy stages, this technology promises to lead the way into some fascinating directions. This product is good for short term events like tradeshows.

Indoor / Outdoor Mats - These medium to heavy duty mats have a wide range of uses. These mats are made from a more substantial Nitric Rubber or polypropylene / plastic. They are machine made and may also feature an anti-fatigue closed cell construction that is perfect for warehouse facilities and other industrial applications. Ideal for heavy traffic areas.

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