Communicate via Skype using Jabra Wireless Headsets

Published By Mia Distribution, 2 Nov 2017

Communicate via Skype using Jabra Wireless Headsets

Unified Communications are just as important to small companies as they are for large corporations. Small companies might believe that unified communications are too expensive and not necessary at their location. There are however plenty of benefits that even small companies can get using UC systems in conjunction with Skype. Using Skype will actually reduce costs and more importantly allow the business owner or manager to track costs and identify where savings can be made.


Systems are designed to increase productivity and part of that is to have complete mobility. Jabra Wireless headsets allow the user to have remote call control and connectivity to numerous different devices. Now that Skype for business is available there are great options that Jabra Wireless Headsets can offer. Headsets like the Jabra Evolve is one of the first certified Skype for business headset and which meets the Open Office and Microsoft Outlook requirements.

Jabra headsets are designed for complete mobility and control from the headsets. There are some models that are compatible with both Soft phone and desk phone. The controls while sitting at the desk are through a touch screen. The great sound that you get will always give the image of a professionally run company. The microphone is designed to block out any background noise.

The range of the headset is also fantastic and can be used both within the building or outside. There is no need to worry about getting up from your desk as you have full control right from your headset. You are able to mute and unmute calls from the headset as well as answer calls. If it is somewhat noisier outside there is a volume control that you can use to ensure you hear the caller clearly. All these features make it perfect for the person who needs to get up and walk around the premises.

Advantages of using Skype

Jabra wireless headsets for skype for business is a great solution for unified communication systems. Skype for business offers a lot of benefits to the business.

  • The business is able to hold webinars and using the Skype Meeting Broadcast you are able to broadcast to 10,000 people.

  • PSTN Conferencing feature allows people to dial in from a landline or mobile phone if they are not able to do it through their computer or mobile device. This is useful for anyone who might be at a site but also would like to participate in the meeting.

  • The Cloud PBX with PSTN feature allows people to make calls without having to go through a traditional PBX. Basically, you are assigned numbers which you can use and assign these numbers to the employees

Ease of Installation

Both Skype and Jabra wireless headsets are easy to install and set up. In fact using Jabra headsets is almost plug and play. Once Skype has been set up you can monitor the calls through the Call Management feature of skype. Not only are Skypes call rates lower than the normal calling rates but monitoring the calls will also allow you to identify where further savings can be made.