Collect the Details of Booking Status via PNR Website at Any Time

Published By Samuel Jhon, 11 Dec 2017

When come to travel, the online booking tickets are highly increasing day and by day and most of people want to know vital information recording the journey like railway reservation seat is still confirmed or not. Even you can collect data regarding the waiting in list status and much more. Here the
PNR status is specially introduce to make all the above process in the fine manner. On using this PNR will let to check out the seat number and tickets are get conformed. It let to gather all information about train ticket status in a faster manner. It can simple to confirm which seats are available and collect the talkal waiting list status 

 How to check out the WL number on the PNR status?

 Train ticket has two numbers, first number is to indicate the waiting list position at the time of booking, and another number will offer current state of the ticket. Hence, it will be more comfortable for the customer to access the best and effective way to gather suitable information with no risk of it. The first number of the train ticket remains the same but the second number will get decreasing until you get final ticket from online. Even if you want to check out live train running status, you need to visit PNR website and then you can find out the search button and train number else name of the train, then choose specific date and hit submit button then you can views details over the screen.