Choose the Best Balance Pre Bikes

Published By Tots 'n Tykes, 4 Dec 2017

Choose the Best Balance Pre Bikes

Are you trying to choose the bike with the best balance for your child? Any bike can help your child to learn to balance but the experience of ridding may differ depending on the quality of the bike, size and features. A few tips that can help you choose the right bike for your child:

• Size

• Type of tires

• Weight

• Brakes

• Geometry

• Footrests

• Turning limiters

• Materials of the frame

• Bearings

• Bolts

• Hand grips

When buying a bike for you child size is the most important factor although they say one size fits all. A bike that is comfortable for an 18month old will not be the right size for a six year old. The height of the seat and the size of tires have to be considered when getting a bike for your child.

Pre Balance Bike for Ages 1 -3 years

The bike is designed to UK specification for toddlers of 1 – 3 years. Your toddler can learn to cycle as soon as he starts to walk. He can develop key skills for cycling, gain independence and develops healthy active routines.

The bike is super light and weighs less than one kg. It is three times lighter than all other balance bikes. It can be used for indoor as well as outdoor use. It is available in different colors like midnight blue, red, pink and others. The price of the bike in UK is around pounds 24. It has a good crossbar and seat alignment.

Strider Balance Bike for your Child

It is built with strong welded steel frame and has a Launchpad footrest. It has wheels that are ultralight with EVA polymer tires which are durable and never have to be filled with air. The saddle is ideal for toddlers and has a quick-clamp lever to adjust the height of the seat from 11 -16 inches. It weighs only 6.4 pounds.

The grips are just perfect for small hands with ends that are extra-long and padded. There is a quick-clamp lever for adjustment of the handle bar, so the child can use it as he grows. It cost around $40 and your child can use it for a few years. Buy a strider balance bike and let you child gain the confidence to balance and ride a bike.

Let your Child learn to ride with a Balance Bike

Today there are no bikes with pedals for toddlers to learn to cycle. They have balance bikes which have no pedals and they have to use their feet to push it, when it is on a slight slope they can learn to balance. The riders can learn to balance at a very early age.

Some of the children start using the balance bike when they are just 18 months old and by the time they are two they can confidently go places in a hurry. When the kids use balance bikes at an early age by the age of three they confidently use pedal bikes and master the art of balancing. Balance bikes are quite popular with child development experts.

So, get your child a balance bike and let him learn to master the art of balancing.

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