Cast Iron Y-Type Strainers - Advantages And Applications

Published By Mahesh H S, 9 Oct 2017


The Cast Iron “Y- type Strainers” is used to separate and remove the semi solids suspended in sanitary fluids, safeguarding the device or equipment from their damaging effects. It is fabricated using the best quality of raw materials such as stainless steel, brass and bronze. The flow of debris, such as slurry, dust, kitchen waste, sludge mixed with waste oil, air, gas and other hazardous items causes severe damage to the inner part of metal resulting in shortening life of strainer. All Strainers are fused with metallic filter (Mesh) which separates flowing suspended solid wastes that can be disposed of easily. 

The Strainers can be classified as: Y- type and U-type.

The Advantages of Cast Iron Y-Type Strainers:

1. Easy to clean and replaceable.

2. It Withstands pressure and temperature up to 120 degrees.

3. Longer service life and less corrosive.

4. High Compression strength.

The Applications of the cast Iron Y-Type strainer are:

1. In Industrial and Municipal water for mechanically removing the solids from flowing liquids.

2. In Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics to separate the undissolved matter.

3. To filter the soil, dirt this causes the shutdown of costly equipment.

4. In Petrochemical refinery to remove tar, dirt and other materials from the crude oil.

5. In Ink, Latex and Paint industry to filter lumps of resin or pigment materials.

6. To filter the sludge, mud and unwanted particles in Mineral water plants.