Can Catering Improve Your Productivity?

Published By Hanna Kogan, 18 Oct 2017

Can Catering Improve Your Productivity?

Research has been conducted and the results are in on whether or not including meals in your work meetings could increase productivity. What do these results say? It turns out that employees and event attendees are more productive when there is office catering provided as part of the event. If you want to tap into this enjoyable and efficient benefit, it is time you jump online and start searching for “catering restaurants near me,” because your next office event could be a big hit with employees and an improvement to your daily productivity. In this article, we’ve put together a list of reasons you should consider catering your office meeting or workshop. Keep reading to find out!

#1: Catering Encourages Conversation During the Lunch Hour
Many owners and office managers feel that office chit chat is universally detrimental to productivity, but that is not completely true. Managers should jump at the opportunity to facilitate intra-office friendships, communication, and teamwork. As employees strengthen relationships they are much more likely to work with each other on projects and excel in problem solving. Rather than an employee trying to grind out an answer alone at their desk out of discomfort with co-workers, they can simply walk two desks over and get an answer from a more senior or experienced employee who has become their friend and colleague.

Also, good working relationships in the office promote creativity. Whether you are a digital agency, accounting firm, or eCommerce headquarters, creativity can make a major difference in the overall success of your business. Finally, employees will hopefully be happier working with one another when there are stronger relationships, which means experienced team members will stay at the business longer.

Best of all, when you provide office catering it encourages employees to stop and talk in a constructive and appropriate timeframe instead of during working time. Who knew that the conversation that comes with shared meals could mean so much to your productivity and potential?

#2: Office Meals Give an Opportunity to Recharge and Refocus
Today, many office employees don’t leave their desk to eat lunch. Some companies could interpret working lunches as dedication; however, employees who spend their lunch still staring at a computer screen are shown to be less productive than their peers who do take a break.

Employees who take time away from their desk have an opportunity to recharge from long periods of work at their desk. This action allows the brain to rest, and rested employees come back ready to work again. Without breaks, not only do the days become long and tedious, but work produced in the afternoon is likely to suffer from fatigue or disinterest.

Also, the chance to refocus on a specific problem or task over the lunch hour can help the employee return to work with a better idea how to complete the project.

#3: Eating Lunch Improves Health and Happiness
The effect of food on the brain is greater than most people imagine. We frequently think of food as something that powers our muscles, but our brain needs the same nutrients the rest of our body does. Lunch is an integral part of providing our mind enough fuel and energy to work through the day. As discussed above, it can be difficult for a busy employee to take time out of the work day to go out for lunch, so in days crowded with meetings, local catering companies can help you ensure your employees are at their best.

Office catering gives structure and efficiency to the lunch process, and incentivizes your hardest working employees to walk away from their desk, even if just for a few minutes. In the long-term, building these healthy lunch habits will make for a great improvement in employee health and wellness.

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