Cable Glands And Its Different Types - Applications And Advantages

Published By Mahesh H S, 12 Oct 2017

Cable Glands And Its Different Types - Applications And Advantages

“Cable Gland” also known as ‘Cable Connector’ is a device designed to connect or entry of cable into Electrical device which provides support, sealing, retention, insulation, earthing and shock proof. Cable glands can be fitted on all types of power cable, Equipment connections, Telecom and Data Cables. They are used as a termination and sealing device which ensures that cable should not get disconnected from the main circuit. The Gland should give long-term Cable-Equipment integrity to which it is to be fitted. The Materials used in manufacturing Cable Connectors/Glands are Plastic, Brass, Aluminium and Stainless steel.

The Different Types of Cable Glands:

1. Brass Indoor Type Gland.

2. Brass outdoor type Gland.

3. Industrial type Gland.

4. Threaded Gland.

5. Brass Weather proof gland.

The Different Applications Of Cable Glands:

1. As a connector for Electrical devices.

2. High voltage cable connection to transformers.

3. As, Data cable and Telecom Tower connectors.

The Advantages of Cable Glands are:

1. It maintains the cable connection, when connected to the device.

2. It prevents the entry of rain water and dust into the equipment.

3. The Glands are available in various diameters for different thickness of cables or wires.

4. It is suitable for wires and cables with or without inner protective sheath.

5. They are available in various forms like Brass, Stainless-steel, copper, nickel plated, depending upon the type of cable used.