Build Trust with Customers by Offering Vape Care Tips

Published By Ben Oesterling, 7 Sep 2017

Build Trust with Customers by Offering Vape Care Tips

Many new vapers are unaware of the many steps that they must take to keep their Vape Supplies in the best shape. In order to build trust among these customers, make sure to guide them in the right direction when it comes to keeping their products in tip-top shape. Give tips that will prevent them from having to spend tons of money for replacements. This way, they will trust that you are not money-hungry and that you actually want to help them. So, when they eventually do need new supplies, they will surely come to you, as you are now a trusted supplier! Give them advice on how to keep their devices clean, their batteries strong, and their juice potent in order for them to trust you and to keep them coming back for more.

Rebuildable Coil Care
Demonstrate how to clean them when re-wicking, by taking out the cotton and firing the coils red hot to burn off any of the eliquid buildup on the coils. Assure them that, in doing so, they will extend the life of the coil. Eventually, they will have to replace the coil, and when that time comes, they will most likely return to you to pick up more wire and cotton! Remind them that with some e-liquids depending on how sweet the flavor is or how dark the liquid is it will wear on the coils faster. The will mean that if your customers are using darker or sweeter flavors they will generally be going through more vape supplies.

Battery Care
Let your customers know that they will be able to save themselves quite a bit of money and trouble by keeping their battery in good shape. Tell them that keeping up on the state of their battery and following safety precautions will extend its life of usability, preventing them from having to buy new batteries constantly. Explain to them that lithium-ion batteries function on the basis of a simple chemical reaction – and that very low temperatures will delay this chemical reaction, rendering the battery inefficient and wasting energy and longevity. That very high temperatures can result in something even worse: the battery aging quickly, which could lead to serious damage. Therefore, making it imperative to keep the battery out of extremely cold or extremely hot conditions. Suggest to them not to keep the battery in a temperature below 32 degrees Fahrenheit or above 86 degrees Fahrenheit.

Also, tell them to consider how they treat their battery throughout its use. Even with high quality batteries, if one discharges it too often, one will shorten the lifespan of the battery. And if one charges it too quickly, this too can damage the battery’s integrity. Make it known to them that one of the worst things you can do is let your battery drop below 3.2V or roughly 20%. If they want their batteries to last, they should never let it be over discharged. Give them these tips to assure that their battery will have a long, strong life! And that when they do need a new battery, to come back to you.

Keeping Customers
Remind your customers that their coils, battery, and juice are all vital components to their vaping experience and that keeping these vape supplies in the best shape will only improve their vaping! Going further to provide information on a handout will be even more rewarding to the customer as well as your business. Now, once customers’ products eventually become worn out and need to be replaced, or when they want a new juice flavor, these customers will surely return to your now-trusted, surely reliable shop.

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