Boost Your Search Result Rankings For Better Ecommerce

Published By Dan Kogan, 9 Sep 2017

Boost Your Search Result Rankings For Better Ecommerce

Ecommerce may seem like a new field altogether, but it has actually been thriving and growing for quite a while. With the advancements of the internet itself, there’s no wonder why the face of ecommerce has heavily changed throughout the years. If you want to keep your head above water, you need to fully understand the ins and outs of the ecommerce world, and navigate them in such a way where you can come out on top. This means throwing your typical business concepts out the window and replacing them with online techniques. Nothing can benefit you more than figuring out how to become the most visible in your industry.

How To Become Visible
Regardless of what industry you dominate, you’ll only remain popular if you stay in the public eye. Consumers don’t want to trust products they haven’t heard of, and the same goes for brands. There’s no reason to buy a shoe from a store if they’ve never heard of the company that makes the shoe. And while, in the past, they would have heard of this company through a magazine, or perhaps a commercial on television, consumers are now soaking in most of their advertisements through the internet. That means that your online visibility will be imperative to reeling in new clients.

Now, how do you stay visible you ask? A strong SEO campaign can be the deciding factor as to whether or not your online store is going to be a success. With effective Ecommerce SEO, you can ensure yourself visibility through search engines. Think about it: How do customers find their products these days? They search for them on search engines. Anything from a new piano teacher to a new place to eat, people turn to search engines for their consumer information more and more every day. This means that your position on organic search results will be imperative to your success as a business.

What is SEO?
Now, the obvious question: What is SEO? Well, Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is a process that is used to improve your rankings in organic search results. What are organic search results? These are the results that appear naturally on a search engine, as opposed to PPC, or pay per click, where the results are paid ads. Paid results are above the organic search results in a search engine, so the organic results that are on that first page are highly sought after.

In order to run a successful Ecommerce Seo campaign, you need to create extra content on your site that involves key phrases and search terms in order to improve your search relevance and site traffic. A typical campaign will work with the smaller and less popular key phrases, and create a lot of offsite blog content that will build a foundation. Once that first layer is solidified, the campaign will turn to the more popular results, and slowly build your rankings. The reason that SEO is so effective is that paid results end the moment payment does, whereas organic results last a very long time. A good SEO campaign can draw in a massive client base that you haven’t seen before on your online storefront.

How 1Digital Can Help
Luckily for you, 1Digital Agency has the expertise necessary to navigate the world of eCommerce. It’s been our job since our inception, and we take pride in doing it well. We’re partners with both Shopify and BigCommerce, and we work with tons of clients who use Magento. We understand how your site functions and we also understand how to draw people to it. An SEO campaign run by us is managed by an expert team of writers who understand the intricacies of a vast variety of industries. Contact us today, and let’s see how we can improve your eCommerce experience.

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