Best ways to reduce Mobile App Uninstall Rate

Published By Matt Hogan, 7 Dec 2017

Best ways to reduce Mobile App Uninstall Rate
App Market is booming like anything and thousands of apps are joining the play store every year. It is very difficult for a new comer to withstand this level of competition. Mobile app development companies New York are introducing new features in their apps that enhance the customer experience.

The app success is determined through its usage and uninstall rate. While some apps look like they are doing an amazing job, some other have a constantly increasing uninstall rate. According to the recent survey by Localytics, 78% of users uninstall an app within 90 days. 

In order to prevent users from uninstalling your app, we first have to understand what makes them want to uninstall an app in the first place. Only then can we understand how to resolve the issues.


Here are the most common factors that compel one to uninstall apps.

Loading Time:

If something is taking too long normally our attention span will decrease and we look to switch to a faster alternative. More than 3 seconds is fatal for your app. So if your app spends more time than that, it is highly likely that the user will bid you a farewell in no time.


Most people keep on checking their notifications and don’t like it if they was not really important or something they don’t care about.  Apps that frequently push notifications about their updates and reviews are more likely to get uninstalled.

UI/UX Design:

Your app should be always user friendly and not too complicated. They would definitely look for alternatives if the they feel that the app design and experience are not handy enough.

Effect on device:

If your app is using unwanted resources from the phone that bring down the device operational capabilities and overall performance; it is going to be a major cause behind your app getting off their charts.

Too many Updates:

If a user needs to download a new update almost every time they use the app, they internalize it as part of the app’s loading time which may lead to deletion. Top app developers always make sure that the minor updates are released in a package, and not separately to bother the user every now and then.

How to reduce App Uninstall rate:

Monitor critical drop-off points:

There can be many reasons why users feel like uninstalling your app. By analysing where the users are dropping off in your application, you can figure out why they are doing so and what you can do about it. Categorize the segments of your app and monitor the stats separately for each.

App Engagement:

It is very important to maintain data about the users that engage with you. It is important to set a goal for App Engagement and compare the current performance which can help you to increase performance.


It is necessary to keep improving your app in all aspects in order to attract the user. Not only your app should be useful, it should be faster and attractive to make people stay. But make sure that the app updates are not too frequent.

Measure KPI (Key Performance Indicator):

Keep track of your app performance before launching, such as loading times, features and launch rates. If your application slows down or starts crashing more often, fixing them is a priority, since it can lead to a shrink in the customer base.

Customer Support:

The users should get in to touch with you easily, whether through the app itself, a website or even social media. The users stay loyal if they can easily contact you and get a response from you.

Maintain Discussion forums:

Make user to participate in the discussion forums where the user will be directly interacting with you and can understand the problems. With this, you can concentrate on particular areas that are causing trouble.

Reduce the distractions:

Distractions like in-app ads, popups and auto-playing videos are often the reason behind a user abandoning your app. Try to avoid pushing notifications or playing advertisements while the user is in the middle of something.

Assure Customer Privacy:

Keeping their personal data safe is the least a user can expect from you. You should be very careful in protecting the user data. 43% of the users uninstall the app due to the privacy issues.

These are the few steps to be followed by the app development companies in order to minimise the uninstall rate. Over two million apps compete to be on a mobile phone. And if your product isn’t good enough, it won’t last long enough on those devices.