Best Sage Accounting Software service from Kant Consulting

Published By KANT Financial Services, 2 Jan 2018

Best Sage Accounting Software service from Kant Consulting

Comprehensive, easy-to-use accounting software sets a business or nonprofit on the path to success by closely managing income, expenses, assets, and liabilities. One of the best accounting software like Sage Pastel has specific features that distinguish it from the competition.


What to Look For in a Software Package


Good accounting software is, most importantly, easy to use and backed up by comprehensive tech support. Many programs offer extensive files and FAQs without cost. Telephone, chat, and email support may come with an associated fee.


The best packages also have great features:


·         First, they can track accounts receivable and accounts payable, providing invoicing, purchase orders, check printing, and shipping features.

·         Second, they can work with any bank, performing automatic or direct deposits and creating deposit forms.

·         Third, a great package performs payroll functions like tracking hours, benefits, deductions, and taxes. It prints payroll checks or performs direct deposit for employees, and the most advanced products can track employee files and status.

·         Fourth, it is easy to convert files from an old tracking system, such as Excel or QuickBooks, to the new software.

·         And finally, the package provides comprehensive reporting so that a business owner can know his or her financial position at all times.


The fact, that midsize business ERP system implementation should be planned and thought through what-ifs and rollbacks. This is not a recent management science discovery. Plus, it's also known from the managerial theory that key people and the whole company team involvement is highly recommended, and even required.


Sage software Sales have increased up to a high level because it has n number of benefits. An Electronic Point of Sale (EPOS) system can provide many benefits for a retail business. Firstly an EPOS allows for transactions to happen very quickly, without the need for keyed-in input, thereby reducing the risk of user error considerably. With prices already programmed into the system the accuracy of each sale is assured and takings figure calculations are also reliable.


·         Speed -- easy to use, faster transactions, quick stock inquiries

·         Accuracy -- no room for human error, stock figures up to date and correct

·         Track sales and produce totals easily

·         Integrated chip and pin for credit card transactions


Issue related to ERP implementation:


There are various issues related to sage implementation:

·         Main ERP brands in vogue are SAP, MS Dynamics, Ramco, Baan, Oracle, Sage - Accpac, etc. (please do not mind if your brand is not included here though yours may be much better than the ones listed)

·         Main implementation partners for these ERP license vendors are software companies. Their expert domain is software and not business process and laws.

·         Every software uses its own "best practices" to take the company through its working processes. They normally insist that their software has taken into account all that is needed by a business in terms of "ideal" processes.

·         Yet - most software will need some level of customization leading to use of specialized resources.

·         Two types of consultants form a team which will implement the software:

·         Technical consultants;

·         Functional consultants.

Sage Pastel Evolution
Sage Evolution Premium
Sage evolution
Sage Evolution Standard


Sage Evolution softwareprovides an entire business management solution. Sage Evolution Standard manages all operational aspects of your business. It allows you to maintain your financial relationships with your customers, suppliers, and employees. Within the Sage Evolution Framework, all components and modules are fully integrated and they share a common interface, providing you with a consistent user experience.

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