Benefits of Yealink Distributor in Australia

Published By Mia Distribution, 24 Oct 2017

Benefits of Yealink Distributor in Australia

Unified communications allow the integration of all the communications systems that are available. It includes voice, data and video communications with internal and external partners. Using unified communications means that you can connect to anyone on any device from anywhere. Unified communications make sure that the company stays ahead of the game and presents a new way of working.

Why use Unified Communication

Using a unified system increases the efficiency and the employees stand the most to gain especially those that need to multitask. By unifying all the video, audio and data communication employees have access to powerful tools that allow them to increase their efficiency and productivity.

The modern mobile systems no longer tie you or the staff down to a desk in order to communicate. With the mobile devices that are available in this modern era using UC solutions lets, today's business people communicate with their colleagues and customer from their home, office or while travelling. Contact a Yealink distributor to find which unified communication system will best suit your needs

The great feature of unified communication systems is that you are not limited to which medium that can be used

With unified communication systems there are various ways to cut costs. There is no longer the need to have in person meetings with the ability to have web collaboration.

Benefits of using Yealink

Yealink Australia has solutions to overcome the distance constraints with their video and phone conferencing systems. It enables the business to communicate effectively both internally and externally. The conferencing system lets the business enjoy flexibility through their multi-point collaboration systems through numerous web-based environments and multiple devices.

The Yealink phone solutions deliver videos in real time with great picture quality and with functions that are tailored for every business. The users can easily link their Yealink handsets to their computers which allow them to listen or make a call just by clicking the mouse. The range of phones that are offered by Yealink also lets the business has added functions such as Shared Line Appearance, BLF and BLA which increases efficiency and promotes team work.


Business is often conducted away from the office with mobile technology allowing people to be more productive and more engaged with their customers. With the Yealink UC soft terminal feature all, a person needs are to log into a soft terminal from their mobile device and they can join a meeting or call whoever they might need to talk to. It also has features such as synchronized phone books where colleagues can seamlessly call each other or an important customer.

It is all these features that will allow the business to keep up with the latest communication or marketing trends. A Yealink Distributor will be best equipped to advise the business which system will best suit their requirements. If you require a high-quality flexible system that is compatible with all makes of mobile devices then Yealink will have a solution that will fulfil all your communication needs.

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