Benefits of Exporting and Migrating EML to Outlook PST using third party tools

Published By Janice Bing, 15 Dec 2017

Benefits of Exporting and Migrating EML to Outlook PST using third party tools

EML is one of the popular email file formats amongst email clients such as Window live, Live Mail,  Mozilla Thunderbird, Microsoft outlook express, etc generally use to save their mailbox messages in the operating system files. On another hand, Microsoft Outlook is common and among most popular email application for email clients and business enterprises which save its data in the form of PST format. Outlook is user-friendly which provide security of files and data amongst its user. Because of the secure accessibility of files and data that Outlook is providing many email clients are shifting their domain from EML to Outlook PST.

What is the need to Export or Migrate EML to PST format?

  • MS outlook delivers better and advanced email organization, communication, search and social networking features. Its easier accessibility makes Outlook as one of the most preferred email application.

  • MS Outlook does not support EML format to save email files. In order to access EML files in MS Outlook, user needs to perform email migration from EML files format to PST file format.

  • MS outlook provides security of the files and data which EML does not provide to its user.

  • In certain conditions, when fixing EML files, the user can easily save them into PST format. But, the only problem that arises during this process is when Outlook does not support EML format to save files. Therefore for the user to access from EML to Outlook, the users need to export EML to PST.

Exporting and migrating EML to Outlook PST    

Though there are manual methods available for the migration and export of  EML to PST. No manual methods are available which can guarantee the full export of the EML data to PST format. While using this manual method the chances of corruption or data loss are present.  The manual method also comes as the disadvantage in case any error appears.

The third party software is very reliable and effective assets for the users. The high-end algorithm of third party users support a large amount of window EML files and does allow the users to split the PST files if necessary. The third party methods are very easy and do not consume much of the users time. They act to the advantage and provide secure easier access for the user.

Benefits of exporting and migrating EML to PST using Third-party tools

Third-party software is very effective tools in order to export EML to PST formats. They are easy, simple and save most of the user times. Some of their benefits are as follows:-

  • EML to PST converter has a highly secured algorithm to export EML data to PST file format without destroying any attachments or Metadata from the EML files.

  • The third party EML to PST converter can quick shift single or multiple data at the same time with ease.

  • The third party EML to PST provides a user with the option to split large PST files along with the password protection.

  • It is also capable to shift data to other files format apart from PST format such an MSG and HTML.

  • This software is able to support all the version of MS outlook and window.

  • They can quickly resolve user issues and provide easier access and feasibility to the users. 

For the user which is shifting their domain from EML to PST third-party software has proven trust-worthy tools. Free demo version of these tools is easily available and can be downloaded from the respective sites. Therefore the user is recommended to go for third party software tools.
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