Benefits: Java to Kotlin Migration for your Android App

Published By Arka Softwares, 27 Dec 2018

Benefits: Java to Kotlin Migration for your Android App

Kotlin is a new programming language, a statically typed programming language that runs on the Java Virtual Machine and nowadays becoming popular among Application developers.

After the announcement made by Google of including Kotlin as an official Android app development language, it's providing great assistance to the Kotlin community. Earlier, Kotlin has been extensively seemed like the primary alternative to Java, however, now with Google’s professional assistance for this language – by default Kotlin features are included with Android Studio 3.Zero– it’s thrilling news for Android app owners too due to the fact that a number of latest upgrades are being initiated and opportunities are starting up.

In this article, we will discuss performing the migration, covering a lot of different aspects of the process of migrating an Android app based on java to Kotlin. A number of app developers don't forget that Kotlin is the possible alternative to the Java programming language for Android Application Development.

About Kotlin

It is a programming language that may be called a modern open-supply JVM language that is developed by JetBrains. Some of the large businesses which are presently making the usage of Kotlin language are Trello, Google, Square, Pinterest, Kickstarter and so forth.

Java to Kotlin Migration- why?

For Android, Kotlin gives an exceptional, new programming experience without the requirement of any third-party software. When a developer uses any third-party tool, there is the major issue of how to include those Java tools that are not supported by Android toolchain.

There is no doubt that both the programming languages Java and Kotlin are pretty similar in several contexts; however, they still differ a lot. Let’s understand, Kotlin is truly interoperable with the other all android languages. At the same time, it can also be integrated with Android Studio with no much hassle.

Completely Interoperable with Java

Kotlin is pretty popular and kind of interesting topic to talk about, many people is excited about this new language and consider that Java is being phased out. But this is not the fact actually, Google has been elaborated also, that Kotlin is just an added language, it is certainly not a replacement for its existing Java support.

Kotlin is hundred per cent interoperable with Java, and both languages are the same in many aspects, both have many similarities in their structures; both the languages are object-oriented and statically typed. You also must know that the purpose behind developing the Kotlin language is to deal the same problems as Java does.

Kotlin is liked by most of the developers because of its smartness and simplicity, we can say is an advanced one, it has a simple syntax, and helps to solve problems easily.

You can add Kotlin code to your Java-based existing projects. There is no denying that it is a very flexible language.

Android Studio 3.0 now comes with Kotlin and with both JetBrains and Google supporting Android development in Kotlin (both companies are working on a non-profit foundation to look after the language), app businesses and developers now not need to worry about the compatibility and also no additional tools needed to install to make it run.

What are the plus points of Migrating an Android App from Java to Kotlin

Kotlin language is becoming more popular and used widely, many companies including Google, Kickstarter, Pinterest, Square, and Trello are all using Kotlin, and therefore, even if you have not heard of it, you probably be using some incredible apps that is made using this technology.

Kotlin is a short and simple language. It considerably minimizes the amount of boilerplate code needed, that means it is not just helpful to boost productivity, but also it is capable to create safer, more reliable code. And of course it is the best thing any developer or business owner can expect as this ensures the better user experience which is a very important aspect of a successful app.

Kotlin helps speeds up the development process, reduces taken time, and it is very effective to search for bugs and also prevent their happening in the initial stages, greatly saving the effort and resources needed to fix errors.

Developers are also immensely excited about Kotlin. Actually, most people found this announcement about the support for Kotlin by Google the amazing one. As per the latest RebelLab survey of more than 2,000 Java developers, Kotlin is among one of the technologies that they are most thrilled about using, and at the same time they are pretty satisfied as well.

This truly is a big honour, the developer’s code of choice. Kotlin’s features like simplicity, easy to use makes it the most preferred amongst developers. Also, Google’s official support makes it the best choice to adopt for perhaps making the developer happier, and engaged in their routine work.

Should You Migrate from Java to Kotlin?

Undoubtedly, Kotlin is wonderful language, but, making an entire migration from Java to Kotlin for your organization is not an easy thing to do, yes, you can do so gradually with some training, tests and planning. Since Kotlin is hundred per cent interoperable with Java, you do not require to migrate your entire stuff altogether. You can choose a gradual migration process as and when it required.

Although, there are lot of things you must take care before you plan to migrate completely. For native users, because of insufficient, you might face errors, so it is better to understand the language first and then give it a go. However, learning Kotlin is pretty simple and you can enjoy learning it, and those who are already familiar with Java can easily understand this language.

Still, you must note it down that despite the growing adoption of Kotlin, its community is still much smaller when we compare it to Java. Meaning, that you will not have many resources to learn, which you can find tough especially the time you get stuck and do not get any support from the community as well. But again, this is true that Kotlin is growing rapidly and gaining popularity speedily. Therefore, the community is becoming stronger day by day more.


If you are planning to migrate from Java to Kotlin, the best way to get started with it is to introduce Kotlin only in non-business-critical code to provide your developers an opportunity to carry out a preliminary assessment and getting familiar with Kotlin by conducting a few test cases.

Kotlin is creating a huge impact in Android app development Company UK, and with Google’s support and a number of top websites having already converted, your developers will certainly come across the language sooner or later. Therefore you must make sure to train yourself and your team with this skill and become well-versed in Kotlin. Knowing this interesting technology can offer you a great chance to experiment with modern programming and take your Android apps to the next level.