ASUS Router not Connecting to Internet

Published By Annabell Matt, 7 Sep 2017


If you use asus router then you may get in to the issues such as the wifi is connected but the internet is working or there may be error in the connection itself. In order to deal with such issues you can simply follow take the help of the professionals and that is easily possible by dialing the toll free number that is easily available on the official site of the company so try to get in touch with the very right person.

The simple ways to tackle this issue is to follow the below written steps:

  • So you need to start the process by powering up the router.

  • So for that you have to simply hold the reset button i.e keep it pressed for more than 5 seconds.

  • After that you have to simply access the router at the default Ip address in to the admin space.

  • Once you are done with that then you have to simply manually configure the router again.

  • After that you have to simply delete the wireless connection profiles on to your computers and then you have to try to connect again.

So this is the simple process that you can follow and just in case you feel that you are not able to tackle it still then try to contact the ASUS Router Support. By doing so you will get the right firm of help and that too in no time. So without wasting time anywhere else you have to do the most needful thing and that is to take the right guidance from the professionals of the company.
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