Animated Videos Speaks Louder Than Words

Published By Stella Jack, 15 Dec 2017

Animated video has turned out to be an effective tool of communication and helps in creating awareness among people of all age group.

Animated videos have become a popular means of communication among various fields of education, health sciences, business and NGOs over a short span of time. These animated videos are fun to watch, they have the ability to attract and engage the audience in an entertaining manner. The videos have the deep impact on the mind of viewers who are more likely to get convinced and motivated to perform the right actions. Animated videos are loved by people of all groups as it speaks louder than words and the message stays in mind for a longer duration of time.

 Let’s see how animated videos speak louder than words:

1.     Best Marketing Tool:

Animated videos are a powerful tool to conduct marketing, educate new customers, old customers or just to deliver the advantages and disadvantages of using certain products. Many companies are using the method of emailing animated videos to their targeted audience as the customer likes to watch videos instead of reading a long piece of material talking about your business and its services.

These animated videos are considered best marketing tool because of its whole day availability on the website of the business owner. Such videos can be viewed at any time of the day according to the convenience of customers. It is a cost-efficient method of marketing products to your targeted audience overcoming the old traditional methods. The promotional message delivered through these videos has a deep impact on the mind of viewers and convinces them into buying your product. 

2.     Videos are more watched than Reading Articles:

People belonging to all fields of life love watching videos. Animated videos allow you to connect and educate your target audience. Humorous animated videos are fun and entertaining to watch and are more convincing than a humorous article or books.

 Various research shows that a consumer spends more time on a webpage containing video, secondly about fifty-nine percent of senior professionals like watching animated videos, thirdly about 90 percent of the targeted audience finds the animated video more engaging than any other method and lastly animated videos occupy fifty-two percent of entire mobile traffic flow. 

3.     Animated Videos are Simplest means of Communication:

There are many sensitive topics which the presenters find difficult to discuss in public. For example training women to take action against sexual harassment in working environment, instead of adding images of real people, it is best to use animated videos which are fun and attractive to watch without putting anyone in an awkward position. The message delivered through animated videos is simpler and has the more convincing impact than just words. 

4.     Videos are easy to digest and understand:

One gets bored of reading long articles, many of us just skip the main points thus leading us to no conclusion at all. Thanks to animated videos now the communication have become easier and the information delivered through video is easily understandable and digestible by the general audience. It is generally acceptable because such animated videos are created for a group of people and have been designed according to their demands and requirements. Highly targeted animated videos can help in improving your business revenue to a greater extent. 

5.     Animated videos have greater SEO:

Greater search engine optimization can be achieved by adding keywords to the animated videos. A targeted audience is more likely to watch a video instead of reading content, therefore, it is the best method of boosting SEO and communicating with focused keywords.

6.     Best choice for Business Owners:

Customer focused videos have played a major role in taking the business to the next level of success. Therefore these animated videos are becoming the latest trend in the world of business to attract and convince the customers as it has the ability to speak louder than words. Animated videos are also becoming the best choice for advertisers these days, instead of investing a large amount of money on television advertisement they prefer to use digital advertisement on social media.

All these above advantages of using animated videos clearly state its significance in the present era of digitalization and modern technology. The animated videos have proved to increase overall business revenue, advance your reach, impress old customers and attract new customers if it is created in a focused manner. Animated videos which are created according to the needs and demands of a targeted audience are more fun and entertaining to watch, it can leave a deep and prolonged impact on the mind of viewers thus convincing them much more than words.

Author Bio:

Stella Jack is a highly professional animation artist. She has been in the animated production business for 4 years. She encourages creating startup explainer videos since she wants the new and small businesses to know about the significance of explainer videos. She works in an animated production company, where she makes contributions for the production of explainer videos. You can also follow her on Facebook and Twitter.