An Overview Of Weekend Loans

Published By Swift Loans, 21 Sep 2017

An Overview Of Weekend Loans
A short term loan is also known as a weekend loan will be given to an individual who requests a loan and will be funded within the next business day on approval. The lending company is the best place to go for weekend payday loans or weekend cash loans. Fast cash loans are offered between 200-2000 $ once the borrower submits the easy online loan application. There are no documentation process and the company will be able to inform him or her the amount which could be lent within a few minutes. As Weekend cash loans are requested for emergencies, if the application is approved, cash will be credited to his or her account within the same business day.

Repayments of borrowed loans can be paid back by selecting the three options available. 10, 14 or 18 week repayment plans are available for selection so that the individual has nothing to burden themselves in future. If in case the company professionals are unable to help an individual, they will definitely refer him or her to another lender providing Weekend loans.

None of the loans provided have an added interest rate fee and a fee known as the APR or the Annual Percentage Rate is only included. An establishment fee and a monthly fee will be charged from the borrower. There are two options to opt for repayment when obtaining a loan, one being 10 weeks and the other loan duration being 18 weeks.

How the Weekend Cash Loan Works

A weekend cash loan can be obtained by applying via online, any day or time of the week from a mobile or a computer which is a very fast process. As the application process is only applicable online, the applications are only accepted via the official website and no documentations such as bank statements will be accepted via fax or e-mail.  Next the borrower must verify the income and expenditure to get through the initial eligibility criteria. 90 days of the borrower’s bank transactions will be reviewed by the company.

Finally the company will call or e-mail the link of the approved loan to the borrower once determining the approval. Once the individual logs in to the website and is satisfied with the details provided he or she can click on the submit option on the bottom of the webpage. There after the ‘confirm’ button has to be clicked and the terms and conditions must be read.’

Weekend Payday Loans

All payday loans issued for those unexpected payments that take an individual by surprise are customized and are very flexible in repayments as the weekend cash loan consists of three options for repayment. The repayment can be done within a time frame of 10 weeks, 14 weeks or 18 weeks.

There is no reason to worry when obtaining a weekend cash loan as half of the employed individuals have very less account balances in their bank accounts and most of them are unable to source sufficient funds for emergencies.

The latest technology and advanced security used in the website will help a borrower know whether his or her loan has been approved within a matter of minutes.

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Weekend Loans can result in high interest charges, but in difficult economic times people often find themselves without other recourse. It is important to use payday loans appropriately and to pay them back in a timely manner to avoid extra fees.